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In my five years of element

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    In my five years of elementary school, my favorite teacher was my Chinese teacher, Teacher Liu.s of medium build, with big eyes, a pair of crescent-like eyebrows, a mouth that can speak, and a black hair. It looks very amiable. remember that it was a winter morning, the weather was very cold, minus ten degrees Celsius, but that day I was awkward with my mother, so I deliberately did not wear clothes as my mother said, only went to school with a thin sweater. After a while Cartons Of Marlboro Reds, I couldn't freeze it, so I tried to lean on the heating side. But I was in class, so this action only lasted for a while and was discovered by the teacher. The teacher thought that I didn't listen carefully, and I learned a few words from the angry Buy Newports Bulk, and then continued to lecture. Although I am cold, I am not too stupid to risk heating by the teacher again. It was hard to endure the third lesson, and the third quarter was a language lesson. I sat in the position and curled up like a little hedgehog that was hibernating Free Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes. Teacher Liu discovered my abnormality and walked towards me. I thought to myself: It��s over, it��s over. This will definitely be the blood of the dog. However, Teacher Liu��s reaction was greatly unexpected. I gently came over and asked me, ��What happened to you?�� I replied truthfully: ��I��m too cold, I can warm up a little together.�� Teacher Liu Listen, I quickly took off my coat and put it on me. I have to know that Teacher Liu was catching a cold at the time. I heard that it was very serious. I was still getting an injection! "������,������", the bell rang, I hurriedly took off my clothes and gave it to Teacher Liu, going to the heating side. Warm hands and feet. But Teacher Liu grabbed me and dragged me to the office. I think: broken, the teacher will still have to criticize me. When it's over, I am completely finished. Just when I was desperate, Teacher Liu gave me a cup of hot water. I looked at the teacher at a loss. I only listened to Teacher Liu and said, ��Come and drink hot water, warm and warm.�� I suddenly felt a warm current flowing all over the body. . Because the office is small and there are many radiators, it is warmer than the classroom Cheap Wholesale Newport 100, plus the teacher's hot water. After a while, I feel a lot warmer. Teacher Liu asked me: "How do you dress so little? Did you forget to watch the weather forecast?" I lowered my head and said, "No, it is because I am awkward with my mother, deliberately angry and not wearing thick clothes." The teacher listened. Seriously criticized me and said, "How can this be done? Because the anger is going to freeze yourself Cheap Priced Marlboro Gold Sold In Us, this is not good! If you get sick from the disease, you will not be able to accept it and you will miss your homework." I shyly bowed my head. At this moment, the class bell rang. The teacher said, "Well, I can't make such mistakes again next time. Did you hear that? No, let's go to class." "Hear it," I replied loudly.t of the office, my whole body was warm and I didn't feel cold at all.

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