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Definition of rhinoplasty

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    Rhinoplasty is another name for cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty consists of two words, "Reno", meaning "nose" and "plasti" means to modify or make beautiful. The history of this kind of operation dates back to about two thousand years ago. When in India, one of the punishments of the convicted person was to cut off the nose, causing the convicted person to face a maniac and ugly face until the end of his life. Doctors of the era simulated the nose with gum and wax to correct this problem. This method was very common until recently at the beginning of the 19th century, a British officer who was inspired by those injured soldiers in the war. But the history of modern rhinoplasty dates back to half a century before and after World War II. Since the beginning of the forties in Iran, the efforts of individuals such as Dr. Ozanlou's alive have begun, nose surgery has begun.

    In the past, the aim of rhinoplasty was to minimize the appearance of nose and, therefore, many patients suffered from acute respiratory and olfactory problems. And that was because a lot of cartilage was removed or the bones were sucked. However, with the advancement of medical science, expert physicians found that a better result could be obtained by stitching and forming cartilage to maintain the appearance and function. In nose surgery or rhinoplasty, using techniques that preserve the normal and normal appearance of the nose, there is more certainty about the so-called fantasy surgeries, and the risk is much lower.

      The quality and thickness of the skin and the nasal angles also play an important role in determining the desired conditions for nasal surgery. The doctor first analyzes the nose by examining the type and thickness of the skin, as well as considering the amount of deviation and the angle of the nose, based on the standard color photographs before treatment. Certainly, the issue of breathing after nasal surgery is very serious. If the nose is too narrow after the surgery, the patient will have difficulty breathing and severe cramping. Patients should prioritize this on their nose appearance.
    The following factors are important for the success of rhinoplasty:
    1. The type and composition of the nose is very important because it is bony or meaty. Bone nose will have a better result than the post-operative meaty nose. Bone, cartilage and nasal congestion are factors that affect nasal surgery. Typically, in the nose, due to the thickness of the skin, as well as the density of the adipose tissue under the skin, there is not much change in the nose to reduce.
    2. Another important factor in rhinoplasty is the surgeon himself and his surgical technique and experience. An experienced surgeon can achieve the desired outcome by applying appropriate techniques.
    3. Post-nose care is also one of the most important factors in the desired outcome. After the surgery, the person should take all doctor's recommendations and cooperate with the careful implementation of these recommendations and referral to the physician.
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