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Important points before and after nasal surgery

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    Before nose surgery:

    Do not take aspirin and other drugs like ibuprofen, indomycin, diclofenac sodium, mefenamic acid, etc. for ten days before nasal surgery. The use of acetaminophen is safe.
    Avoid smoking for about 3 weeks before and after nasal surgery because nicotine in tobacco causes vasoconstriction, thus disrupting blood flow to the tissues.
    Avoid drinking or eating for 10 hours before surgery.
    When you visit the clinic, use a garment that you do not have to wear off your head.

    Observe important points after nose surgery:


    At the time of discharge, you will receive antibiotics and antihistamines.

    After a nasal nose, your nourishment will start as a fluid in the beginning and from the next day. Avoid eating a lot of lips for two weeks (like apples and sandwiches).
    When resting after nose surgery, your head should be slightly higher than your body.
    Put on an eye for 48 hours a bag of ice (cold compressed). This will reduce your swelling. The amount of swelling in the three days reaches the maximum.

    Bruising is normal after surgery and disappears within 2 weeks.

    Nasal secretions up to 72 hours after nasal surgery are quite normal. Replace small nose gas if necessary.

    Chalk is removed after about a week (according to the doctor's diagnosis). Bathing during this period prevents the gypsum from getting wet.

    The adhesive loosening is normal over the first five days.

    You can gently clean the nose with a clean ear.

    After removing the plaster, do not wear glasses for up to 3 weeks. And from then on, stick the glasses to the forehead for 3 weeks.

    Up to three weeks after nasal surgeries, nasal hemorrhage should be avoided and should be open mouth if sneezing occurs.

    Avoid heavy activities and exercises like aerobics, weightlifting, long-term bending for 3 after nasal nose surgery.

    Avoid contact sports such as wrestling, martial arts, soccer, etc. for up to 3 months.

    The skin of your nose is sensitive to sunlight after nasal surgery, so do not expose to prolonged sun exposure for 2 months or use sunscreens.

    After nose surgery, your nose is reduced, which will return to normal within a few weeks.
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