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Nowadays, disposable

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    Nowadays, disposable chopsticks have become commonplace. Most restaurants and hotels use disposable chopsticks, and even use them in the home. The reason is that disposable chopsticks are convenient and affordable to use Marlboro 100S Cigarettes. have a population of 1.3 billion in China, eat three meals a day, use a pair of chopsticks per meal, and use 3.6 billion pairs of chopsticks a day Cheapest Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. How many trees should be cut, how many forests in the world will disappear in an instant Danger Of Newport Cigarettes, that will How many forests disappear in an instant, how terrible it will be, but how long, the forest will be gone, the whole world will be swallowed up by the mud, then we can still live? The disposable chopsticks are made up of trees Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro, and then After processing, disposable chopsticks are convenient to use, but they will bring disaster to us. We should learn to save resources, not a lot of waste of resources. If there is no world, how should we survive?e origin of disposable chopsticks is Japan, but the Japanese have never produced them. Their chopsticks are imported from China because Japan is on an island with few forests Marlboro Red 100S Cheap Carton. They are rich in aquatic products. They are imported from China. In the past, in order to protect forest resources, every time they went out to eat, they basically carried chopsticks with them, in order to reduce the felling of trees. The Chinese people only know the convenience, only to let the money into their pockets, and come back to think that our Chinese resources are inexhaustible. When Chinese people often eat, as long as the chopsticks touch the table a little, they immediately throw the chopsticks into the trash can. Some ignorant people use the chopsticks as their toys. If the Chinese only use a pair of chopsticks every day. Then there will be more forests in the world. We are far less able to protect the forest resources than the Japanese. Even if we only have a little awareness of the protection of the forest by the Japanese, how wonderful our world is... Chinese now only know the convenience, only know how to make money. In the future, I must call on the people around me to recycle the disposable chopsticks, make paper, and use it twice.le, wake up, don't let money blind your eyes, don't let the earth be destroyed, don't let the forest disappear in an instant, let the poor little animals be homeless, humans, don't do the world again A traitor, you should be his friend or confidant! Take action and use your actions to protect our Mother Earth

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