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In spring, everything

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    In spring, everything recovers, spring breeze and hee, willow buds; flowers blossoming... Spring is really a season of nature awakening. On a warm evening, I - a young leaf, under the light yellow glow of the sunset, quietly out from the 'arm' of the big tree mother, watching the beautiful sunset, fish white �� light cyan �� orange �� Purple and golden, the endless changes, really beautiful. The night came quietly, the blue sky slowly darkened, and there were beautiful stars like sapphire Newport 100S Carton Price, dazzling stars, watching the stars in the sky, and I was quietly sleeping in the arms of my mother.ng slowly went away, and the summer came silently. I grew up, turning from tender green to green. The same is true of friends around me Carton Of Marlboro Red 100S. The tree mother became fresh and the breeze passed. We hugged each other, the big tree mother became very beautiful, it was so graceful!umn has come! The big tree mother became golden, and a breeze blew, and I touched my friends. We jumped into the arms of Mother Earth one by one. I turned around with a gorgeous look and followed. Below, a small beetle took me to the ground, and I knew many friends, the fruit of the seed of peanuts...winter arrives, I have completely entered the soil. Here I can't help but think of a verse that a student recites: "Falling red is not a ruthless thing Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, turning it into a spring mud and protecting flowers." The meaning is: the falling flowers are not ruthless, falling in the soil. More can feed the flowers. Of course, we are the same, become green manure, nourish the next life, let them play the next moving story. Friendship is a bright light of life, it can guide you on the right path and make your life rich anda few years of elementary school, whenever I saw a sixth-year-old big brother and sister carrying a schoolbag and happily leaving school Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, I always thought that they were very happy, and finally survived the hard life, from the bitter sea, can enjoy very much For a long vacation, I am ready to meet the life of middle school.sn't until I was in the sixth grade that I really realized that graduation is not happy. It means that our six-year good time will come to an end. Our companions who have lived with us for six years must go their own way, but back. Look at the past: How many times have you made a big fight because of the small contradiction between you and me; how many times just because you don��t know the truth, and the friendship is broken.. who have never thought of being closest to each other after many years of age may be classmates who spend the sixth year of elementary school with you! I have never thought that after many years Carton Of Newports 100, I have won a candy game with you and will become your top boss for many years!ship is a sunshine in the winter; a light in the conscious darkness; friendship is a stream of water in the desert. It is you, who gave me a sincere friendship and left a good memory for me.

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