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The Dallas Cowboys lost in Washington on Sunday

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    There are a lot of reasons why Dallas lost Youth Allen Hurns Jersey , and what happened on the final offensive possession is big among them. Dallas got Brett Maher in position to tie the game, but right before he gave it his best shot a penalty was called against L.P. Ladouceur. Personally I was always under the impression that it was illegal to call a penalty against Ladouceur since he was around when the game of football was invented and what not, but apparently he’s not immune to infractions. Ladouceur was called for a snap infraction when Dallas lined up to kick a field goal and that turned Maher’s 47-yard attempt (he’d previously connected from that range in the game) into a 52-yard one. He missed and you know the rest. “What’s a snap infraction?” -almost everyoneLiving rooms across the world were filled with the exact same comment after this penalty was called. “Snap infraction? Is that a thing? I’ve never heard that before.” A snap infraction is indeed a real thing and it’s so real that the NFL released a video to explain how they got it right. The thing about their video is, it basically didn’t explain anything.You can see in the video that Ladouceur does move the ball, but it looks like he’s simply getting ready to snap it. This happens with centers all the time when they pick up the ball to grip or whatever Cheap Zack Martin Jersey , it seems awfully picky to call it especially in such a tight moment of a game.Ultimately the snap infraction wasn’t the sole reason why the Cowboys lost in Washington, but at least now we’re all the more educated on why the infraction was called.Right? Anyone? Bueller? The Cowboys were charged with six penalties against the Tennessee Titans that totaled for 52 yards. A handful of them ruined offensive drives, and one of them kept a Titans offensive drive alive. You know the one I’m talking about.Many have accused the NFL of “going soft” by not allowing big hits anymore, but it’s not like that even happened when Leighton Vander Esch found Marcus Mariota near the ground. You be the judge.Ultimately, as fate would have it Cheap Cole Beasley Jersey , this Titans possession would end in zero points thanks to both a Marcus Mariota and Ryan Succop miss, but the point stands that the penalty was ridiculous. It’s impossible for NFL defenders to play a game without drawing a yellow flag and that’s something that Tyrone Crawford has had enough with. He spoke about his dislike for the officiating over the last two games.You’ll remember (of course) that the Cowboys drew a penalty due to a “snap infraction” against L.P. Ladouceur in the final moments on the road in Washington two weeks ago. That penalty was quite costly as Brett Maher could have connected from five yards closer and sent the game to overtime, but ifs and buts are candy and nuts or something like that.Does Crawford have a point in that NFL officiating is suspect at times? Absolutely. Are the Cowboys the only team on the receiving end of this, though? Not really. Officiating is tough around the entire league but obviously we feel it more intensely when it happens to the Cowboys because that’s the team we follow most closely. Perhaps the NFL will pump the brakes on all of this officiating, but perhaps a polar bear will invite us to his igloo to watch the Cowboys take on the Eagles this Sunday night as well. This sort of officiating is here to stay Youth Chidobe Awuzie Jersey , we just have to get used to it. Oh well.

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