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Expect some ugly football in the NFL this week

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    end So Authentic Travis Frederick Jersey , the NFL season officially started last night. The reviews are in and, well, let’s say folks weren’t particularly impressed. In short, neither the Eagles, or the Falcons, or the referees impressed many Thursday night. It was an embarrassing opening game for the NFL. But none of us should be surprised by this. Expect more bad football this Sunday. The reason is what we now witness in the early weeks of the NFL is little more than what once passed for preseason football. Most of the players on the field last night have played almost no real football in nine months. Teams have become so frightened of injuries to their best players that they sit them the entire preseason. Add that tackling is virtually unheard of in practice and we witness what we saw last night. The NFL’s best players now get into “game shape” during the regular season because they simply don’t have the opportunity to do so at any other time. Thus we see dropped passes, missed tackles Authentic Leighton Vander Esch Jersey , confusion, blown assignments and players gasping for air because they’re simply not in condition. We also see penalties, lots and lots of penalties. There was a time this wasn’t so (grumpy old man alert). I attended the Cowboys’ 1992 training camp. Teams practiced twice a day back then; once in the morning and once in the afternoon. And they tackled each other. Every day. Jimmy Johnson’s training camps were famous for what was known as the “middle drill”. So after weeks of that in the hot Austin sun when that Cowboys’ team took the field on opening night against the defending champions this happened. That Cowboys team was playing at peak form from the very first play of the first game of the season. Now, I imagine the players that had to go through those middle drills probably wish they hadn’t today. Professional football players put their bodies through tremendous abuse. Doing that sixteen times a year is enough; no need to do it in dozens of practices as well. So the rationale is sound.But it doesn’t change the fact that that what we see in the opening weeks of the season is little more than glorified preseason football. That’s why what’s important this time of the season is results and not form. Both Philadelphia and Atlanta looked like poor teams last night; but each of them will look better a month from now. So, I’m not expecting high quality play from the Cowboys or pretty much any team this weekend.But the games do count so and the results matter. An ugly Cowboys’ win would be perfectly acceptable. Before they dropped 40 points on the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, the Cowboys offense was literally one of the worst units that the club had fielded in franchise history.Scoring points, even gaining yards Youth Deonte Thompson Jersey , felt like pulling teeth for this team. The aforementioned explosion does seem to give hope that more could be on the way, but it’s hard to fully believe off of one game.This season many have suggested that the reason for the offensive struggles in Dallas has been the absence of Travis Frederick. Fredbeard is on injured reserve as he fights Guillain-Barr Syndrome, but what exactly is it about his absence that looms so large?Frederick is the best center in the NFL. He’s an elite run blocker, pass protector, and he’s the brain of the offense in terms of adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Dallas has been unable to pull off a win on the road so far this season and that’s where the things Frederick does can be all the more evident. Ezekiel Elliott’s comments on Wednesday highlight that thought.Communication is key. We hear that all the time. Not having the best communicator on the field is definitely not a great recipe for success.We have no idea when Frederick will return to the Cowboys to play football, but we do know that his absence means more has fallen on the plate of Dak Prescott. As Dak is the quarterback it’s obviously fair to expect him to rise to the occasion, but the Cowboys are still missing a lot.Joe Looney has done an admirable job at filling in for Travis Frederick Womens Zack Martin Jersey , but the reality of the situation is that there’s almost nobody on earth as good at the job as Fredbeard. His loss isn’t just a loss, it’s an impediment to success that the Cowboys are trying to overcome. If there’s anyone good news in the Travis-less world it’s that the Cowboys have identified what their problem is. They know the Washington Redskins well so that can’t hurt either, but they’re going to have to be smarter in games if they want to get over that hump.

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