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Some people say that if

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    Some people say that if you want to be honest, you can't lie. Some people think that sometimes you need "good faith lies" in your life. Let me discuss it for everyone!, the person really wants to be honest and can't deceive. For example, the relationship between the two students is very good. One classmate tells another classmate the secret that has always existed in the heart, and the classmate has promised to keep a secret for him. No longer tell anyone. However, the classmate told others about the secrets of keeping good friends. When the secret spreads everywhere and falls into the ears of his good friends again, not only did the two lose their friendship, but they also lost the trust of good friends. This shows: Whenever and wherever, be honest.ver, in life, there are sometimes some "good faith lies." For example, a classmate stole the pen of classmate B but because he protected others' trust in himself, he put the stolen pen into the bag of classmate C, so that everyone thought it was the classmate C��s stealing. If nothing happens. However, in the end, A told the teacher the truth, the teacher did not want the students to lose good friendship, and used the "good faith lies" approach to say to everyone: "B's pen fell to the ground, I began to think that it was C. Then put the pen into the bag of the classmate C. "This will not only make the students lose their friendship, but also make everyone trust each other more." Therefore, in life, sometimes you need a little "good faith lies."rity is the light, the road to success; the integrity is the stone Newport Menthol Cigarettes, the foundation of the ideal; the integrity is the water, the flower of the business...and trustworthy is the basic quality of being a man Cigarettes Online Store. Without credibility, there will be no friends, and those with integrity will be responsible not only for friends but also for everyone. In this way, there will be no hypocrites, no such tragedies, and more people and families will be happy.ent years, honesty seems to have become a corner forgotten, and people are guarding against each other, often full of intrigue and arrogance. The borrower��s money has not been repaid for many years, and a certain unit has no words and deceives workers�� wages... Why is there such a thing that is contrary to good faith? The main reason for this is probably the degeneration of morality of some people and the lack of a spirit of treating each other with sincerity!he early years of the Western Han Dynasty, there was a man named Ji Bu. He was honest and helpful, especially very faithful. As long as it was what he promised, no matter how difficult it was, he must find ways to do it, so he was well known at the time. Jibu��s reputation is growing. Later generations used the "one promise" to describe a person who is very credible and speaksell him: "Life cannot be saved", "At most in this world." If you live on it for a long time. Although these are the truth, who will be as cruel as the judges sentenced the prisoners to death, telling the relatives who are already in pain. At this time, everyone will form a unified front, not to talk about the truth, but with a good faith lie to make patients hope for treatment Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, let the patient spend the rest of the year in a peaceful state of mind. Is this going to be bad?t and trustworthy is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation's Chinese children Cheap Newports. Being honest and not lying is the minimum standard for us to be a human being. However, "lie", we humans, is always inseparable Newports Cigarettes Website, let alone a "good faith lie."

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