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What a Luke Kuechly autograph is really worth I saw Panthers

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    Twitter post a video of Luke Kuechly signing autographs for a gaggle of fans before Friday’s practice and it got a bit personal for me. Kids and adults alike were thrusting footballs Carolina Panthers T-Shirt , jerseys, hats and helmets at No. 59, hoping to get the autograph of a guy who is on pace for the Hall of Fame, and Luke did his best to keep them happy. The reason this is personal for me is because my three kids and I got autographs from Luke and from several other Panthers at Fan Fest back in 2013. We still have the Panthers football with signatures from Kuechly, Mike Tolbert, Chase Blackburn, J.J. Jansen, Ben Hartsock, and the immortal Armanti Edwards.My family’s experience with the autographs was similar to the one in the video. The team had set up a fenced area where fans could ask for autographs and players could decide to give them or not. Many players just strolled past with their headphones on and wearing dark shades to avoid eye contact, which is their absolute right to do. Other players, like Luke, dutifully signed some autographs in an efficient Carolina Panthers Hats , business-like manner. Mike Tolbert, on the other hand, chatted up fans with a huge smile on his face and loudly told us we were the “best fans in the world!” Tolbert will always be one of my favorite Panthers because of how he interacted with us that day.My kids were age five, nine, and 12 years old back when we attended Fan Fest and every autograph was like gold in their hands. As a father I really appreciated each of the players taking a few moments to sign our ball, make some small talk, and engage with my children.It’s hard for athletes and celebrities to keep everybody happy when it comes to autographs. The players who signed our family’s football made our day but they weren’t able to accommodate every request. This probably happens to more prominent players everywhere they go and it must be exhausting. Just a couple of weeks ago William Shatner described how impossible it is to keep people happy when they come seeking autographs. It’s one of the prices of fame and wealth.I wasn’t there on Friday seeking autographs from Luke or other players, but I’m sure the autographs thrilled the fans who got them. Our family’s autographed football is five years old now and on display in my bedroom. I still enjoy having it. It’s a memento that reminds me of when my kids were young and connects me to the team, though most of the players are no longer wearing a Panthers uniform. Seeing it makes me feel like a “good dad” who took his kids to Bank of America stadium for a day of family fun. These feelings and memories are far more valuable than the monetary value the ball could be hawked for on eBay. I’m keeping it for the rest of my life. Hopefully the fans from Friday will be saying the same things five years from now about the day No. 59 took the time to say “hi” and sign a football. On behalf of Panthers fans everywhere, thanks, Luke. Thanks for stopping. It means a lot.CSR looks like game: Falcons edition Ed. Note - For those of you who enjoyed this series last year, we’ve decided to change it up for 2018. Instead of focusing our attention on the head coach of our opponent Carolina Panthers Hoodie , we’ve opened it up to anyone affiliated with the organization. So, instead of “Dan Quinn looks like...” you’ll get a collection of jokes about other folks as well. We hope you enjoy this updated format. -BSTo get us prepared for Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, the CSR staff decided to have a little fun by borrowing the ‘looks like game’ concept from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on ESPN.Ed. Note 2.0 - The Looks Like Game is the best thing that anyone does at ESPN and it’s not even close. If you’ve never experienced it before I highly recommend it. Trust me.Below is a collection of our best efforts to figure out exactly what/who people from the Falcons organization look like. Feel free to discuss your favorite ones in the comments section, and you can even provide your own if you feel up to it.Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings here, so if you happen to stumble across this and find your name mentioned, we sincerely hope you understand that we’re mostly kidding.CSR looks like: Falcons edition...Matt Ryan looks like the new pastor at a small town church who steals the offering money to cover his gambling habit.Dan Quinn looks like the main heel in every knock off wrestling league.Matt Bryant looks like a character actor who always plays the background role of ‘motorcycle enthusiast’ in every movie.Matt Ryan looks like his parents told him he could be a big boy quarterback, no matter what anybody else said.Steve Sarkisian looks like a traveling salesman who swears his concoction will ‘cure all ails’.Matt Ryan looks like the guy who turns off his lights on Halloween and just leaves a bowl of candy on the front porch with a handwritten note saying ‘take ONLY one’.Matt Bryant looks like both Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn’s stunt double.Steve Sarkisian looks like he still talks about placing 2nd in his 3rd grade Spelling Bee.Matt Ryan looks like a guy who if he wasn’t playing professional football would almost certainly be selling either photocopiers or golf clubs.Vic Beasley looks like the bouncer at the newest dance club who lets girls in based on how hot they are.Arthur Blank looks like the retired lawyer who spends every Saturday playing racquetball at his local YMCA.Matt Ryan looks like a sales manger at a certified pre-owned Honda dealership.Steve Sarkisian looks like the dad who wishes his kids would put their phones down while at the dinner table in a Verizon commercial.Arthur Blank looks like a WWI fighter pilot.Matt Bryant looks like the captain of his auto shop’s bowling league team.Thomas Dimitroff looks like part of him never moved out of his freshman dorm room 40 years ago.Dan Quinn looks like he tells the waitress “light beer is for whimps” every time he orders a Budweiser with his meal.Matt Ryan looks like the guy who got arrested for breaking into an Applebee’s to steal his framed high school football photos after being banned from their bar.Steve Sarkisian looks like a guy who gets unreasonably mad at an Applebee’s hostess when a smaller party that arrived after his is seated before him.Matt Ryan looks like your buddy who got friendzoned.Arthur Blank looks like a guy, who knows a guy, who might be able to “grease up” the city council into allowing that building permit you’re having trouble pushing through.Julio Jones looks like a guy who takes basketball at the gym way too seriously.Dan Quinn looks like a guy who spends more time on his riding lawnmower than with his wife and kids.Matt Ryan looks like a dad who does his kids’ door to door fundraising for them.Thomas Dimitroff looks like an insurance salesman.Dan Quinn looks like a guy who once woke up in a Disneyworld holding cell next to a vomit covered pair of mouse ears and with synthetic white duck feathers clutched in both his palms.Matt Ryan looks like he and his wife do not share a bed. Instead they each have their own twin bed on opposite sides of the same room.Arthur Blank looks like he made his money during Prohibition.Thomas Dimitroff looks like the public persona of the villain in a superhero movie.Dan Quinn looks like a guy who will one day start an elaborate blue methamphetamine operation beneath the laundry room of Mercedes Benz stadium. . . Funded by Thomas Dimitroff. . . And assisted by Steve Sarkisian. . . With Matt Bryant as the henchman/bodyguard. . . In a remake of Breaking Bad called Breaking Atlanta.Which ones are your favorites, Panthers fans? Discuss.

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