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    Counting the date of the "year" raging, the people regarded this terrible night as a gateway, called the "Year of the Year", and came up with a whole set of ways to get through the New Year: every night, every night Every household prepares dinner in advance, turns off the fire stove, then slams the chicken pens all over the house, seals the front and back doors of the house, and hides in the house to eat the "New Year's Eve", because this dinner has a fierce and unpredictable It means that it is very rich in preparation. In addition to the whole family and the young people, they have to eat together and express their reunion. They must also sacrifice their ancestors before eating, pray for the ancestors�� gods to bless and spend the night safely. After dinner, after dinner. No one dares to sleep, squatting and sitting together and courage. It gradually formed the habit of staying on the New Year's Eve. custom of keeping the age rises in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, and many of the literati of the Liang Dynasty have poetry. "One night is even two years old, and five is divided into two years." People lit up candles or oil lamps and wanted to watch the night Marlboro Gold Pack, symbolizing the drive away from all evil and disease, and looking forward to the good luck of the new year Marlboro Cigarettes Price. This custom has been passed down to the present day.cond season of the Spring Festival: the creation of the calendarording to legend, in ancient times, there was a young man named Wannian. When he saw that the festival was very chaotic, he had the intention to set the order. But I couldn��t find a way to calculate time. One day, he went up the mountain and chopped wood, and sat down in the shade of the tree. The movement of the tree shadow inspired him. He designed a funeral meter to measure the time of day. Later, the drop spring on the cliff inspired his inspiration. He also made a five-layer leaking pot to calculate the time. Over time, he found that every three hundred and sixty days, the seasons are repeated, and the length of the day is repeated.hat time, the monarch called Zu B, and often felt distressed by the unexpected weather. After Wannian knew it, he went to see the emperor with the sundial and the leaking pot, and explained the truth of the sun and the moon to Zu B. After the ancestors listened to Long Yan Da Yue, I felt that it makes sense. So he left Wanian, built the Sun Moon Pavilion in front of the Temple of Heaven, and built the Sundial Terrace and the leaking pot pavilion. And hope to be able to measure the law of the sun and the moon, to calculate the exact morning time, create a calendar, for the benefit of the people of the world. Zu B went to understand the progress of the Wannian test calendar. When he boarded the Sun Moon, he saw a poem on the stone wall next to the Temple of Heaven:rise and sunset three hundred and six Marlboro Lights, and start from scratch.e grass and wood are divided into four seasons, and there are twelve rounds in one year.that the calendar has been created for thousands of years, and I personally boarded the Sun Moon Pavilion to visit Wannian. Wannian pointed to the sky and said to Zu B: "It is now twelve months old, the old age is over, the new year is over, and the king will be asked to set a festival." Zu B said: "Spring is the first year, it is called the Spring Festival." It is said that this is the origin of the Spring Festival Marlboro Menthol 100S.is coming to spring, year after year, after years of long-term observation, carefully calculated and developed an accurate solar calendar Newport Cigarettes Website. When he presented the solar calendar to the successor monarch, it was full of silver whiskers. The monarch was deeply touched. In order to commemorate the achievements of the eternal years, the solar calendar was named "the perpetual calendar" and the Wannian was the birthday of the sun and the moon. In the future, people hang up the birthday picture in the New Year, which is said to be a commemoration of the year of high morale.

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