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    Everyone has their own ideals of life. With an ideal, they will work harder and strive for a higher level of their ideals.I have many dreams: be a scientist, an inventor, a singer, and an actor. I can seem to be a bit awkward. My biggest dream is to round my current wish, to open a toy company, and to have a lot of toys to share happiness with many children.I am a girl who likes toys very much. I don't know how, I have an extreme fascination with toys. Every time my mother promises me to buy something for me, what I want is nothing else, it is a toy. With the toy, I seem to have an excitement and joy that I can't tell. Every time I went to Shaoxing to pass the lovely and attractive toy store, I had an urge to stop myself. I stopped myself, didn't go in, didn't go in, but I still couldn't control myself. The heart can't help but the whole person is like a demon, and the foot can't help but cross the past. Until my mother used 18 martial arts to pull me out of the toy store, my feelings could not help but gradually dimmed.ince then, I have made such a wish in my heart [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Newport 100S[/url]. When I grow up, I must open a toy company, so that children who love toys like me can achieve their wishes. Moreover, this kind of toy can be obtained by singing a song or carrying a poem. It is not necessary for adults to spend money, and the toy dreams of those children are brutally crushed by adults.This is my wish, my dream. I don't want many children who have the feeling of heartache without toys. The ideal is stone, knocking out the fire of the stars; the ideal is fire, the light that is extinguished; the ideal is the light [url=www.wholesalenewport.com]Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url], the road that illuminates the night; the ideal is the road, leading you to dawn. The ideal is that Qu Yuan��s ��the road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down.�� The ideal is Wen Tianxiang��s ��Life has never died since ancient times, and he has taken the heart of the heart.�� Ideally, Li Dazhao��s confrontation with the enemy��s righteousness Unswervingly, the ideal is that the Red Army soldiers will sacrifice themselves in order to light the road ahead. The ideals of these great men, the latitude and longitude of time and space are woven into the most beautiful garlands in the world, shining forevery ideal is to be a writer. This ideal was suddenly sprouted when I was reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. At that time, I admire the author's wonderful pen and flowers, admire the author's skillful work. like to go to the bookstore to buy books and buy pens. I like the light ink of the bookstore; I like the beauty between the lines in the book; I like the ratio of different styles; I like the words of elegance like a girl; I like Chinese characters like squares without losing my aura [url=www.wholesalenewport.com]Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url].In order to achieve this ideal, I decided to study hard. It is possible to achieve this ideal by laying the foundation first. Every day I go to the bookstore to block a book and excel the beautiful words. Now I have three thick books!Secondly, I think that a writer, morality is the most important. There are so many bad books on the market because the author's conduct is not good or psychologically shadowed [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Cigarette Online[/url]. I must improve my character and be a good writer!In the night [url=www.wholesalenewport.com]Marlboro Cigarettes Price[/url], the stars are a little bit, all of which represent the bits and pieces of my life. The brightest star is my ideal. Although the light is not big, in the dark night, it is enough to light the entire sky, making the ordinary night become extraordinary.Now, I have embarked on the journey of dreams to achieve my most beautiful ideals...

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