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When I was four or five years

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    When I was four or five years old, I had a stupid thing.That time, I heard that Mom and Dad said that melons would get melons, and that beans would get beans. I was thinking about getting money and getting money.So I asked my mom and dad for a few bucks Cigarettes For Sale. Mom and Dad asked me what to do. I didn't say what I wanted to do, but they gave me generously Marlboro Gold Pack. I am very happyI ran outside, dug a small pit on the ground, and then put the money iI waited, waited for ten days, the money didn't grow out, I wanted to dig out the money, but I thought again, I have to wait a few months when planting melons, and I have to wait for the money. A few months.I will continue to wait, wait until my family's melon is cooked, I can pick it up and eat it. I am full of joy and think that money must grow. I ran to the place where I planted the money, but it still didn't grow out, and even the seeds were gone. It depends on my father and mother. I have to say what I have to do. I ran to tell my mom and dad about the process of growing my money Marlboro Lights. Dad. After the mother listened, they all laughed. I asked them what they laughed. The mother said, "The money can't grow out. Only when the seeds are planted can they grow up." I went on to ask: "Where is the seed of the money?" "Mom said: "There is no seed in money. Only the food we eat has seeds Marlboro Red. The money is earned. It is not planted. Do you know?" I nodded and seemed to understand. " Then my few dollars will be wasted." Mom said: "It doesn't matter, we can still make money." I said, "Well, Mom, I will make a lot of money for you when I grow up Newport Cigarettes Website." "Good son, really obedient!" said the mother.ind of money, a silly thing, I will not do it again in the future, but I miss my childhood.

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