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Life, like a flower, will only

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    Bell..." A crisp ring of bells rang, and our class began a heated debate Marlboro Gold, debating the theme of "Is it useful to open the book?" A total of two groups, the square represents the "opening is beneficial", while the opposing party represents "opening the volume may not be beneficial." I joined the opponent.In the warm applause of the students Cigarette Online, the debate kicked off.The representative of the square - Liang Jiayi immediately stood up and expressed his opinion: "I think the opening of the book will be beneficial. We advocate the creation of useful books Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, read good books, and accompany good books, like peers, benefiting endlessly." The person on the side of the square immediately applauded Newport Cigarettes Coupons.We did not show weakness. Liang Jiayu stood up and said: "Knowledge is not necessarily obtained from books. We have to explore from other places and gain more knowledge that cannot be obtained in books. If we Every day is buried in the pile of books, then we are not a 'nerd'?" The voice just fell, our classmates immediately gave a warm applause.n behalf of Liang Jiayi, the party did not fear it. She calmly said: "The old saying goes: "The book has its own gold house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu." There is a student at a university who wrote 30 essays. There are 29 essays on the newspaper. From this point of view, it is good for you to study more and more Newport 100S."I look at our momentum and continue to weaken, and I am in a hurry. So, I stood up bravely and eloquently said: "Although 'the book has its own Yan Ruyu', but there are also 'eaten tigers' in the book. Among the many kinds of books, there will be some harmful books and fish, let us see After that, I will go on the road of crime. What good is it?" Zheng Fang was immediately dismissed by me.The two sides of the debate are screaming and screaming, and the atmosphere of the debate is extremely tense and fierce...Bell..." Due to time, our debate is over. This debate has not only improved our eloquence, but also enabled us to improve our ability to fully understand things. This is really a wonderful debate!

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