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4 Unique Ways to Use a Receiving Blanket

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    4 Unique Ways to Use a Receiving Blanket

    Thank you to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me the MINNIE MOUSE 4-Pack Receiving Blankets for free.All three of my girls have been big fans of the swaddle. (In fact, I remember lying awake at night, worrying that my 7-month-old daughter would never learn to sleep without a swaddle. Spoiler: she did).So,baby stores online, over the years,baby safety, we’ve acquired a fair number of receiving blankets.But they aren’t just great for swaddling.Here are ways I use them all the time:AdvertisementAs a nursing cover. As a third-time mom, I’ve become a fairly adept nurser and I don’t need something designed exclusively for nursing. A receiving blanket is perfect for covering up when I want to nurse a bit more discreetly in public. I love the Minnie Mouse Receiving Blankets because they are lightweight, which means my baby doesn’t get too hot underneath,baby nappies, and it doesn’t scream “Hey, I’m nursing over here!”As a floor or bed cover. When my baby is lying on my bed or on the floor, a receiving blanket is easy to throw underneath her to keep her from drooling all over the carpet or my sheets. Way easier to toss a blanket in the wash than it is to scrub my carpet or change my sheets. Bonus: if you’re out in public, it’s a quick spot to change a diaper instead of laying your baby on the ground.As a car seat cover. When it’s chilly outside or if my baby’s sleeping, I can drape a receiving blanket over the car seat visor and it keeps people from disturbing her.As a burp cloth. I find that most burp cloths aren’t quite big enough or are constantly slipping off. But if I toss one of these blankets over my shoulder, I get good coverage, and the material doesn’t slide around. That baby can spit up all she wants and I stay clean!How do you use your receiving blankets?

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