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A Story of a Big Brother’s Love

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    A Story of a Big Brother’s Love

    I have always wanted a big family. Lucky for me, my husband has always wanted a full house as well.AdvertisementOur first born, Aiden, has always been very sensitive, so when I got pregnant with our second, I worried a lot about how he would adjust to having a new sister.Aiden was 18 months old when Ainsleigh was born and at first he didn’t acknowledge her at all.Ainsleigh was an incredibly easy baby. She was one of those babies that you read about and think, “babies like that don’t really exist”… then I had one, and I realized they do exist. It could not have been an easier transition adding another little person to our home and life.But our Aiden wasn’t so sure. He needed time.It has been amazing to watch that change. I realize now what a gift I gave to Aiden in giving him two little sisters.He is especially close with Ainsleigh! And he has learned to be gentle with her. A little best friend to have by his side day in and day out. They hug, run,baby stores online, explore and play now. And I see true love and joy and acceptance between them. He defends her when we go places. From the day we brought her home from the hospital until now,baby safety, he has called her “Baby.” We even have a new baby in the home,baby nappies, but Ainsleigh is still “Baby” to him.I love watching him grow, love, and protect his little sisters. I am so grateful they have each other. It’s a beautiful gift for life.

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