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    <p>buy fut 19 account With the World Cup ting up in just a few months attention is turning to FIFA 19 as fans start to think about the FIFA 19 release date that we should learn more about in the coming months. The 2018 FIFA release will arrive as FIFA 19 and while it is still early we know a lot about what you can expect from the biggest soccer game of the year.

    We’ve seen a huge amount of interest in The Journey FIFA’s story mode that came back for season 2 last year and there is a good chance we will see EA continue with story features this year. FIFA gained 10% more new players with FIFA 18 and FIFA Ultimate Team grew 12% compared to the previous year. Expect to see EA push hard to deliver improved experiences there especially as they are able to sell packs to players to ramp up revenue.

    The FIFA 19 release date is likely coming in September.fifa 19 account There is no chance that EA pushes FIFA 19 up to time with the World Cup but you may see a special edition of FIFA 18 arrive to coincide with that event.Every year EA releases the new FIFA game at the end of September. This time slot is perfectly centered between Madden 19 and the slew of shooters and other big budget games that come out later in the year. In the last decade the FIFA release date only arrived outside of September once and we don’t expect that will happen this year.</p>

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    <p>See more of the FIFA 19 game details in https://www.mmocs.com/fifa-19-account/ now.. all of you will get cheap fifa 19 account from us!</p>

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