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    Every man cares about good manhood health. He will go to great lengths to ensure that his sensual health is in the best condition possible http://www.cheaphockeyusajerseys.com/cory-schneider-jersey/ , and that includes the basics of male organ care – keeping the private regions clean, well-tended and moisturized, as well as protected during any sensual encounters.

    But when a man has looked over all the potential manhood health tips and simply wants to do something more to ensure the best health possible, this list can help. It’s filled with some of the stranger member health ideas that can lead a man into the best sensual health of his life.

    Strange manhood health tips

    Need to do something more to make sure the male organ is ready for action? Here are a few things to consider.

    1. Take a long walk. Though men are probably aware that regular exercise is one of the keys to ensuring good overall health, it also pays to take care of the male organ through gentle activity. A good walk of at least two miles per day can result in a 50% decrease in the chances of tumescence dysfunction.

    2. Get a vasectomy. Sometimes men face sensual health problems because they have serious anxiety. This is especially true if a man has decided he doesn’t want children, or he already has more than enough kids to handle. In that case, getting snipped can be an excellent idea. It reduces anxiety, ups the relaxation level and of course, leads to a more active sensual life.

    3. Don’t cheat. Speaking of anxiety http://www.cheaphockeyusajerseys.com/ben-bishop-jersey/ , few things can make a man feel more nervous than the prospect of his wife finding out about his mistress. That kind of anxiety can affect a man’s performance in bed. Besides that, there is the fact that being with more than one partner increases the risk of socially shared infections.

    4. Avoid cowgirl. Though it’s one of the most amazing positions a man can enjoy, it can also lead to a serious problem – one that involves fracturing (ouch!) of the male organ. When the member slips out of a partner and hits the bone, it can be best described as running full-tilt into the trunk of a tree – the tree has the same density as that bone does. Since cowgirl is the position that most often leads to this devastating injury, if a man does indulge, he should encourage his partner not to get too wild.

    5. Test the blood sugar. Among the reasons that a man might have trouble getting it up, diabetes is at the top of the list. In fact, uncontrolled diabetes can cause so much damage to the smaller blood vessels of the body that tumescence dysfunction can become the norm, not the exception. To counter the problem http://www.cheaphockeyusajerseys.com/blake-wheeler-jersey/ , get regular physicals, know the signs of diabetes and conduct a blood sugar test from time to time to ensure things are where they should be.

    6. Yawn like crazy. Sure, it sounds nuts, but yawning is actually good for the body and the male organ. Why? A yawn is triggered by nitric oxide, which is the same chemical that triggers hardness. When the brain releases nitric oxide, it can affect either breathing or male firmness – or both. That’s why it’s good to create more of it! Therefore, yawning more often will increase the release of nitric oxide, which in turn can lead to longer or firmer tumescence. It’s a win-win all around.

    In addition to these strange member health scenarios, a man should keep things simple on a daily basis with a great manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil http://www.cheaphockeyusajerseys.com/james-van-riemsdyk-jersey/ , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème that contains several important nutrients, such as retinol for odor-fighting properties, pantothenic acid for healthy tissue, and vitamin C for better elasticity of the male organ. A plethora of vitamins and nutrients in a Shea butter base, enhanced with vitamin E for further hydration, can help ensure maximum manhood health.
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