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Dry-mix Shotcrete Machine

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    Product Application
    PZ-7D dry-mix gunite machine is widely used in concrete spray construction operations of mining tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground works of concrete spray construction operations.
    NameDry-mix gunite machine
    Production Capacity7m鲁/h
    Working Pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
    Maximum Aggregate Diameter20mm
    Total Weight800kg
    Overall DimensionL1660*W800*H1110mm
    Maximum Conveying Distance200/20m(Horizontal/Vertical
    Maximum Air Consumption12m鲁/min
    Main Motor Power7.5kw
    Voltage Classes380V
    Inner Diameter of Conveying Pipe桅57mm
    Rotary speed of rotor11r/min
    Feeding Height1.1m
    Main Features
    1. Rotary structure, simple process, easy operation and maintenance
    2. Powerful air power to realize long delivery distance
    Research and development department :
    3 national invention patents have been obtained,more than 50 new patents haven been applied. A long-term technology R &D agreement has been signed with Central South University.
    Quality control department :
    Zero failure rate: The technician will test every set of Rock drill before delivery to ensure every machine work perfectly
    After-sales service:
    80 professional after-sales staff will serve you. If needed, overseas service center is available.
    Package and Delivery
    1. Normally packed with wooden box, wooden frame but according to your demands
    2. Handling time: Within 2 week. But if the model you asked are in stock, the warehouse will arrange delivery within 3 daysDry-mix Shotcrete Machine

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