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Leather Id Holder factory

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    Founded in China in 2011.
    Dongguan Caimao Craft Products Co., Ltd. is one of China's leading manufacturers of lanyard gifts, badges, certificate sets, luggage straps, pet supplies, clothing accessories, handicrafts and other crafts. In the past ten years, we have been devoted to designing and producing various customized gifts, which are widely used in many industries such as expositions, educational institutions, business offices, sports events, large shopping malls and so on.
    Technical Advantage:
    Caimao Craft Products Co., Ltd has strong technical force, advanced equipment and production technology, complete detection facilities, scientific management methods, stable and reliable product quality, and is a high-quality manufacturer in China.
    Quality Advantage:
    Caimao is known for strict quality management, from raw materials to finished products, layer upon layer inspection; Production, supply and marketing process, with network monitoring;
    Service Advantage:
    Our company has formed a while scientific operation pattern and service system from research design,production and sales, site construction. We can produce according to customer's requirements, can fully meet customer's requirements.
    "integrity, innovation, quality, and gratitude"
    The company adheres to the business philosophy of "high quality, low energy consumption, and creating value for customers", with "integrity, innovation, quality, and gratitude" as its core values, and strives to become China'first-class Office gift customization manufacturer.Leather Id Holder factory

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