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Waste Paper Baling Machine

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    Our History
    Shanghai Fengwen Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is the former Baoshan Youwei construction machinery factory. The founder of the company started to produce hydraulic baler as early as 1997. With more than 20 years of working experience, the company adheres to the spirit of "integrity, struggle, truth-seeking, innovation and dedication", and continues to expand and expand. Now it has dozens of employees and covers an area of Shanghai plant More than 6000 square meters. Wuhu Youwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a brother company, covers an area of 18000 square meters in Wuhu Wuwei Industrial Park, Anhui Province. It mainly focuses on R & D and production of large-scale machinery and equipment. After continuous improvement and innovation, the company now has EU CE certification, SGS certification.

    Our Factory
    The factory has advanced facilities, complete equipment and a complete set of precision processing equipment. It is the leading modern chemical plant in China. The company has a strict quality control system, which strictly checks all raw materials and parts. Each production process has strict quality control indicators. The production and quality inspection records of each packer are well preserved Before leaving the factory, they all pass the strict inspection and issue the inspection certificate.Waste Paper Baling Machine

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