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Rocket League update are going to be going live

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    A statement from Psyonix confirms that subsequent Rocket League update are going to be going live before the top of Summer, telling fans earlier this year:

    “The game wouldn't be where it's today without our dedicated and amazing community.

    "Today, we're excited to announce that we're gearing up to form that community even bigger. Beginning later this summer, Rocket League goes liberal to play!

    “The core gameplay will remain an equivalent , but we are refining the most menus to form exploring the sport easier.

    “Plus, we’re revamping and improving major features like Tournaments and Challenges, and introducing cross-platform progression!

    "Rocket League action on the sector will still be an equivalent core, high-octane hybrid of sports and action you're keen on today, and soon, even more players will share that love. That begins with Rocket League's release on its newest platform: the Epic Games Store.

    “Rocket League will release on the Epic Games Store on PC an equivalent time it goes liberal to play. This version of the sport are going to be just like the version found on other platforms https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league , and can feature cross-platform play anywhere you play Rocket League, including between the Epic Games Store and Steam.

    “Once Rocket League goes liberal to play https://www.lolga.com/ , anyone who already owns Rocket League on any platform (including Steam) are going to be ready to play and luxuriate in the sport with full support for future updates and features.”

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