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    Somewhat following in the patriotism of the few Soloist x Converse collaborations, the star-shaped flags are trying their take on the American flag along the canvas of the iconic Buy Converse Chuck 70. Modifications, however, are aplenty, with the choice of style being the restructured edition introduced only months back. Patchwork by design, the pair is piecemeal at its finest, stitching together the main components of our national symbol in either a remark on the current state of affairs or a simple and adventurous reimagining.

    Possibly borrowing elements from Nike’s newer and more inventive series or maybe taking design cues from newfound collaborator Feng Chen Wang, Converse Chuck 70 for Sale further dives into the odd with a mainline release met with many a fused component. Though the Chuck 70 has undergone zippers and even motorcycle inspired renditions, none compare to its latest ERX260 fusion whose namesake is so fittingly dubbed the Chuck 70 E260 Hi.

    A true piecemeal creation, the pair evokes connection to both overtly and surprisingly; soles are ripped straight from the casual high top with parts of its uppers framing the guise of the much more imposing silhouette. Converse Chuck 70 Shoes Where once leather added bulk now lies a construction almost entirely of canvas with add-ons taking on the general depiction of both as if a son in his father’s clothing.

    Converse Chuck 70 Online Each shoe also features black lightning bolts aplenty, with the striking design appearing on both the milky white midsole and on the laces, where they’re interpolated with an all-over print that also features Converse logos. The outline of Offspring’s signature head logo then appears embroidered around the top eyelet to complete the look. Although the winning designs have not yet been revealed yet, you can expect Offspring to pull back the curtain on ’em later this week ahead of each shoe’s release on August 10th.

    Alongside special Converse Chuck 70 Men's/Womens collaborations with Chinatown Market and Joshua Vides for ComplexCon, Converse has also readied a special in-line release: their “UNT1TL3D” collection. As the Chuck 70 has always been a favorite DIY silhouette that’s frequently personalized with paint/markers due to its versatile nature, Converse has dressed the upper in an all-over print that reads “This Is Not A Chuck.”


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