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��bitter gourd!�

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    Bitter gourd is as its name implies, people who do not like to eat will see it bitter from the mouth to the heart. The cute eater loves it, as if this bitter gourd can also eat honey. Ugh! But for me, the hardest bitter gourd is the favorite of mom and dad. That night, a table full of delicious dishes added another eye-catching dish-bitter gourd. "My God!" I immediately cried and screamed. "Child, come and taste the bitter gourd that my mother burned the ground today, but it is the fresh bitter gourd that your grandfather just picked from the ground!" "I don't want it, you don't know, I won't eat it, what are you doing? Ask knowingly? "I blamed [url=smokingusacigarettes.com]mokingusacigarettes.com[/url]. "Silly boy, bitter gourd is a good dish, it can be cool and detoxifying." While persuading her mother, she still stuck a bitter chopsticks in my bowl [url=cigarettesusaonline.com]Marlboro Lights[/url], although I had a thousand, ten thousand unwilling. Watching my mother treat me so well, I reluctantly picked up a small piece of green bitter gourd with chopsticks, and then carefully sent it to my mouth, but I just touched the mouth, and suddenly a bitter taste made me The tongue looks like it has allergies, and it seems that the five flavored bottles have been overturned. I was so bitter that I quickly spit out the bitter gourd slices that I just put in my mouth and shouted: "I do n��t eat, I do n��t eat, it ��s delicious Ah, I'm terrified! "Then he quickly picked up the glass and drank three glasses of water at once. "Huh! How can it be bitter? You try again. Come, Mom tells you that it's a bit bitter to eat bitter gourd you just put in your mouth, but don't rush out, you have to be patient! After a while it will not be bitter, but you will feel that it will gradually become a bit sweet. "What is it, eating bitter gourd also needs to accompany patience, I thought while holding the chopsticks and re-pinned the green The bitter gourd was sent to drunk, of course, this time I had to be patient, no matter how bitter, I still endured it. Slowly, slowly, hey! Bitter gourd is really like mother said, the sweetness gradually becomes stronger and stronger. I can't imagine that this bitter gourd still has the qualities of bitterness [url=cigarettesusaonline.com/marlboro-gold-online_c4]Marlboro Gold[/url]. Perhaps, in addition to the cool and detoxifying benefits of eating it, our family also likes its always hard-working quality! "It's hard to come" I seem to find a sweet taste in bitter gourd. This sample tastes this sentence. Isn't it just that failure and then come again, and finally get the truth? As many books as there are, it is not just like this that you can appreciate the truth slowly. This is the case with bitter gourd. Finding honey in bitterness should be the same as studying. This is bitter gourd, and the trivial food that comes out of it is this little bitter gourd, which embodies the principle of being a man. Now if you ask me what I love to eat, I will answer ��bitter gourd!�� Loudly and without worry.
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