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    When I first entered the door of Lu Xun Elementary School, I didn't know you. Now, you are my inseparable good friend. You are wearing a pink coat and two round transparent glasses form your body. You have become an indispensable member of my study and life-glasses. Putting on you, I can clearly read the words on the blackboard and clearly identify the classmates who greet me; putting on the scenery in the distance from you clearly catches my eyes and makes me feel the nature Charisma ... With your help, I really saved a lot of trouble caused by myopia. At this time, you are really a convenient angel. However, you also brought me a lot of troubles. When I just put on you, in order to let you disappear on the bridge of my nose, my mother ran through the major hospitals to find a prescription to reduce your degree. I began to drip yellow and scented eyes a few times a day. Potion. . After a while, the pain you brought to me is greater. Drinking black and black Chinese medicine every day makes me feel uncomfortable. After the doctor determines that I am true myopia, you add me another trouble. Mother believes that you can't keep "intimate contact" with your ears and nose. Only by reading the words on the blackboard and watching TV in class can you put you on the bridge of your nose, and if you use it well, you need to put you back in your hometown-glasses case. Do not wear it during physical education, after class, or reading. Because of this Online Cigarettes, you "go up Mount Tai" for a while and "bottom the valley" for a while, which is not complicated. On one occasion, when I went to eat "mental food" after watching the wonderful program on "CCTV" for half an hour, I forgot to remove you and let you go back to my home because I was in a hurry. Mom walked over and looked at you on my nose, and started nagging: "You, you, told you not to wear glasses when reading a book. You want to put it back in the glasses case. Why don't you listen? Are you? I want to go deeper in myopia ... "Oops, the long nagging started again! So, I took you off, let go, and forgot. When you want to use you, look around and turn around before you show up. In addition to these, you are also "precious": when you walk into a room that is too cold or too hot, you are quickly covered with a thin layer of mist and start to strike; when you get a little dust, you start again Strike; you can't put your lens down when you are resting on the table, otherwise you will be easily worn out. Once you do, you have to leave your post Cigarettes For Sale. It is a lot of trouble. You are really my happy friend, and my study life is indispensable to you, but Having you is really troublesome. I really regret it Newport Cigarettes. If I look back at the past, if I do n��t lie down to read a book, do n��t put my head down on the desktop to do homework, do n��t ��kiss�� with the TV for a long time, or face the computer for a long time, then I wo n��t have you! But time can't come back, all I can do now is to double care for my eyes and make your degree as always
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