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painted the door of his house

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    In this clear blue sky, I took this opportunity to want to appreciate the beauty of the park. When I walked into the park, two familiar people photocopyed into my eyes. Was n��t that the magical Sun Wukong and the magical pen Ma Liang? How did they get here? I got closer, and the two of them said enthusiastically, "Today. We are too bored in the Tiangong, so we came here. Let's be friends!" "Okay!" I readily agreed and came to the grass, Sun Wukong One flew over and lay comfortably on the grass. "No," I shouted, "Aren't there any signs on it? Can't step on the lawn." Sun Wukong said, "What? I haven't stepped on any grass in Xitian, I haven't stepped on it, and no one will stop it!" "You will destroy the environment like this." Ma Liang said: 'Is so much equipment safe? Let me draw a few for you. "You can rest assured that this is a newly designed equipment from the country. He is very hard, even using a cannon is useless," "Oh," my grandson Sun would like to see it. After that, he hit it with a gold hoop. Three times, there was still no harm. Sun Wukong was exhausted and exhausted. I said, "How about it, don't break it!" We then walked forward, the clear lake water appeared in front of my eyes, the magical pen Ma Liang said happily: Beautiful scenery, I must paint it. "Sun Wukong saw the lake water, and he smiled," My old grandson was going to wash in the water Parliament Cigarettes, please, "just spoke, and made a watering action," No "! I said, Sun Wukong said : "You didn't let me rest just now, why don't you take a bath now?" I said angrily: 'This way you will pollute the water, and the fish will die, it will destroy the ecological balance. "Sun Wukong asked again:" Then I Where should I take a shower? "" I'll take you to a place where you can take a bath, "Sun Wukong like to grab the straw of life-saving, and even said:" Okay, okay "came to the bathing area Marlboro Red, Sun Wukong said:" This is nothing Wash! "I said calmly You just press this button, "Sun Wukong presses with his hand, a door appears, Sun Wukong dances with joy, and shouts," Long live, "I whispered," Sing quietly, Ma Liang also washed, When they came to the bathroom, they did n��t find water for a long time. I said, "We have finished washing, because there are supersonic waves here, and you can finish it in just one second." Ma Liang said with a grin: "Last time, I The official was pulling his neck with iron, and there are still traces! "After you wash it like this, it's gone, it's really good!". Time passed really fast, a day passed in a blink of an eye, the three of us came out of the park, Sun Wukong and Ma Liang took my hand and said excitedly, "Thank you! Your world is developing fast now, and our Tiangong should also be developing It ��s all based on people ��s wisdom! "Sun Wukong went back to Tiangong one by one, and Ma Liang also painted the door of his house and opened it. Going home, our country is now developed, but we still need to work harder to make our motherland more prosperous Wholesale Cigarettes.
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