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    I was the shortest in the class. When someone reached the fifth grade, they rubbed up like a small tree. The dwarf winter melon in the class was re-elected. I passed the vote (except myself). I hate this nickname, and I am inseparable every day! They all say that April and May will not increase, and June and July will be sad. I started my plan to increase mokingusacigarettes.com. Plan one-skipping rope, it was just dawning, and my mother came to pick me up from the sweet dream, and let me get up and skip rope. I was lying in the warm blanket, my mother lifted my quilt, and just let me get up. I opened my sleepy eyes, and suddenly remembered my plan for heightening. I sat up quickly, hurried to the living room, picked up the rope, and jumped up. My mother gave me a thousand goals, "Fifty-six, fifty-seven, five ... eighteen ..." I jumped daringly, but I hadn't jumped to a hundred yet, my upper and lower eyelids There is a fight. My heart is also very contradictory: I want to complete my heightening plan for a while, and I can't resist the drowsiness for a while Cigarettes For Sale, I want to sleep on my warm little bed for a little longer. But I couldn't win or lose, so I jumped to 178 with my eyes closed, and finally couldn't resist the sleepy attack, dropped the rope, ran back to the room, and fell on the bed. Fell asleep. A week later, I ran to the door and measured my height. I did n��t raise it at all. Instead, I was one millimeter shorter. God, I ��m not mistaken. I straightened my chest again, straightened my back, still like this. The first increase plan ended in failure. Plan three-drilling dog holes. This is what I heard from grandma. During that unintentional conversation, I heard my grandma say: "It's almost a year, how come I haven't seen you grow taller! Go drill a dog hole, pull it out when you come out, this one is like ramen , I can grow a lot in one fell swoop. "When I heard it, I was a little emotional, which was much simpler than skipping a rope. On a quiet afternoon, Mom and Dad went out, and only I drink our dogs at home, but this is a good time for me to drill the dog hole. I drove the dog out of the kennel, then lay on the ground Cheap Cigarettes, and slowly extended my head in Dog kennel, why is it so stinky, but in order to increase the height, in order not to become the laughing stock of others, I can bear this stink. Gradually, my neck also went in. Suddenly, my shoulders were stuck, neither up nor down, I could n��t move at all, and I was stuck! At this time, the dog came back and rushed I yelled because I occupied its territory. I shouted, "Come here, help me ..." But the call to Tian Tian should not be, the ground was not working, and my throat was dumb. Until the evening, when my mother came home and saw me in awkward state, she thought what had happened, and even pulled me out of the kennel. Needless to say, the heightening plan was unsuccessful

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