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    Gold wind sent cool, geese stayed in voice, in this harvest season, my mood is so happy. We, a reporter from Wujiang Daily, came to Hengfan Kaixin Village and Wanping Citrus Garden to experience the harvest in autumn. When we came to Hengfan Happy Village, we were fascinated by the beautiful scenery here. Looking around, the happy village is full of vitality, and there are countless vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, and greens ... We are dizzying, and these vegetables form a beautiful landscape in the village. Uncle Zhang, the acting village chief, led us to visit. From his mouth, we know that the cabbage field is cruciferous. The field in front of which there is no vegetable growing is not a wasteland but a rest area mokingusacigarettes.com. The uncle said that the first batch of eggplants were planted. After the eggplants were harvested, in order to allow the land to better absorb the nutrients brought by the dead branches and leaves, there was no vegetable growing. Another reason is that there will be many insects in the land after the eggplants are planted. The ultraviolet radiation can effectively kill the insects. After the land is recuperated, the harvest in the next year will double. Uncle Xiaozhang led us to visit while talking about knowledge, and unconsciously we ended the trip to Happy Village. Then we came to the citrus orchard in Wanping, picking oranges Cheap Cigarettes. A thriving scene in the orange forest: ripe oranges are covered with branches, like little lanterns. Start picking oranges! Everyone is boiling. I went to pick oranges with Zhao Jingxi. I carefully selected, compared and compared, selected and selected, and finally selected a big orange. But the result was a bit unsatisfactory: the big orange wore a thick coat in order to prevent harm to others, and it was a bit sour after a bite. But my friends all looked at me, so I had to bite the bullet and eat it. It was then that I remembered my mother ��s instructions: pick smaller oranges because the oranges have thinner skins and a sweeter taste. So I started the journey of finding oranges. But these oranges seem to be against me, good oranges are always hidden in the deepest. Small flying insects are everywhere in the depths, and my goose bumps get up at the sight of these flying insects. It's not easy to eat delicious oranges! But when I think of delicious oranges, my guts come up again. So I made up my mind, took a deep breath, held my breath and ran towards the depths of the orange grove. "Kung Fu pays attention to people", I can finally enjoy delicious oranges, which is really "thousands of oranges are easy to get, one orange is hard to find" ah! I slammed my cheeks to eat hard, know that these delicious come easily! This Reminds me of the scenario of eating in our school. The students always eat little or no food. Even if some dishes may not meet everyone's appetite, but this is all from the sweat of the farmer's uncle, the time seems to be running Cigarettes Online, and we ended the activity unknowingly. This journey is of great significance to me, it tells me a lot of things: to be a courageous person, to save food!
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