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Bus Air Conditioner Free Sample

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    Roof Mounted Bus Air Conditioner
    1. Product introduction
    1). Parallel Flow Condenser using aluminum alloy material, light weight, easy to shape and low cost, in the same frontal area, compared with the tube or finned-tube condenser, heat transfer efficiency has been greatly raise. Due to the high heat transfer, light weight, compact structure of Parallel Flow Condenser, it has become the preferred type of car air conditioning condenser.
    2). Aluminum construction body has some more advantage like resisting salts erosion and other advantages.
    3). Our bus air conditioner use the Inner grooved copper tube/fin evaporators with high quality, it could offer better performance as your requirements.
    4). Plastic cover with EV approved for to help reduce whole unit weight therefore to reduce the dimension of vehicle.
    5). The famous brand components could supply high quality of bus air conditioner.

    2. Product parameter
    Model no.:YJQK30B
    Cooling Capacity (Kw)30
    Adaptive models (m)>12
    Operating VoltageDC24V
    Evaporator PartEvaporator TypeInner grooved tube coil with blue fin
    Blower QTY6
    Air Flow (Max)6000m³/h
    length x height x wide2124*1820*243mm
    Condenser PartCondenser TypeMulti flow condenser
    Blower QTY4
    Air Flow (Max)8800m³/h
    length x height x wide1881*1820*243mm
    Matching Compressor6TECY
    Compressor Capacity713 cc/r
    Matching Generators150A
    Cover MaterialFiberglass
    3. Product feature and application
    Our company provides complete range of Bus Air conditioners ranging from 7.5 KW to 36 KW capacity suitable for 4 mtr to 12 mtr buses. High cooling performance and air flow volume have been achieved by the introduction of highly efficient evaporator and condenser, and lowering air flow resistance. Fuel saving has been achieved by increased refrigeration cycle efficiency with the introduction of new multi- flow condensers. It uses environment friendly R 134a refrigerant.
    4. Production details
    5. Product qualification
    6. Delivery, shipping and serving
    Why Choose our company Reefervan Bus Air Conditioner Manufacturer
    1). European Fashionable styled streamline appearance & Rooftop mounted type.
    2). Special for buses.
    3). Strong cooling capacity, large cooling air volume, low noise.
    4). Pro-active service, reasonable price, and long life products.
    5). ISO9001-2008 Certificates standard.
    7. FAQ
    1. Pre-sale:
    Provide professional suggestions for models for selecting technical solution, etc.
    Recommend the best product according to your needs, such as the container volume, temperature range, etc. Introduce our company information to you .
    Factory and product line visiting is always welcomed.
    2. Sale:
    Monitor the quality of the product carefully.
    Products passed strictly.
    Shipping on time and short delivery time.
    3. After-sale:
    Installation guide for free.
    Our products have 1 year warranty.Bus Air Conditioner Free Sample

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