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The fate of the

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    The fate of the vast sea of ??people allows us to meet, no one can deny that it is so beautiful, your smile is prominent in the tide sea, I do n��t know what to do ... Maybe we ca n��t be together, maybe this is our only encounter But this moment will become forever, if I do not seize the favor of fate, maybe I will suffer a lifetime. The nagging in memory is dull but precious. Xiao Ke is a very ��lively�� student in our class, and his grades are not good. Later, the teacher decided to give him tuition in order to improve his grades. He also specially moved me to the front of his position. I remember one time when I told him the unit of mathematical length, he stared at me, and I said to him, "What's wrong." Xiao Ke suddenly patted my shoulder and said seriously: "Why don't you keep long hair What about your long hair? "I glared at him and said angrily:" ***, who is the long hair to see? "Xiao Ke looked innocent:" Of course he showed me. " I glanced at him again silently. In memory, it was the first time that Xiao Ke was joking with me. Later, we were admitted to junior high school and divided into different classes. The meeting time was very small. Yesterday, Jun was still here and changed the world. Later I heard that he went to practice sports, I felt that we did not have a common language, and deliberately opened up the relationship between us. Once we met, I talked casually with him and said that he missed the old Memory, saying that memory is beautiful, I smiled and said, "We all have a future, we have to look forward so that we have a good future and a beautiful ending." At the end we all found that we couldn't talk together , Simply goodbye to the extreme of love, don't care about your beauty. Later we really separated. He and I were admitted to different high schools. He is still a sports student. I clearly remember that in the spring of that year, I suffered a car accident. When I opened my eyes, Xiao Ke was waiting beside me. He called me in surprise, holding my hand tightly, as if holding a lost and recovered baby mokingusacigarettes.com, tears unknowingly Flowing down, I didn't know why I felt inexplicable heartache at the time, and I worried him. Later, he helped me to walk outside the hospital. He suddenly stopped and looked at me: "I have been hiding in my heart for a long time, but today I almost lost you, so I must let you know anyway I love you, I am afraid of losing you. "I froze in the face of this sudden confession, he turned and looked at my face, looked at my eyes and said," I don't want you to make any decision, as long as you know My heart is enough to love you. "His voice echoed for a long time, and I was stunned standing in the sunshine. In the evening, the dust on the highway settled down, and the boiling streets also blew up. The two walked stupidly Cigarettes Online, walking stupidly without knowing how much. That was the longest part of my life. Now Think of it, because he was around, and didn't feel tired. Why didn't you pick those flowers? When I was young, I didn't know love. In high school, I still studied as always. I did n��t reply to Xiao Ke. I think there should be my own love story in the future, a truly beautiful love story, so when this petal of love floats, I Did not catch it. The years slipped between my fingers. After I entered the university, I never contacted Xiao Ke again. I can only keep this memory in my heart. I walked through the gains and losses, realized the life I had longed for, and also lost one romance after another. Love story, but I always feel like something is missing. Every time I see a couple walking on the street, I will feel inexplicably sad, Xiao Ke's shadow pops up inadvertently, and then I walk for a while and walk to the window. Looking at passersby who came and went for a while, think of the scene where Xiao Ke and I went down step by step until I fell in love with my heart, and I realized that the encounter was too beautiful. Suddenly, one day, I wanted to have long hair. I did n��t know where this idea came from Carton Of Cigarettes, until one day my friend saw my long hair flowing, patted my shoulder and said, "In fact, you have long hair." I only knew it was because of him, because he tapped my shoulder when I talked to him and said something that annoyed me. Because it is too beautiful, it hurts my heart. Long hair stays for the monarch and circulates to the monarch. In the Spring Festival that year, I cut my long hair desperately. When I saw long hair, I thought of him, and when I think of him, I feel uncomfortable. Because of the Spring Festival that year, he finished the game in a field and hurried back to his hometown. He met a gangster while working as a bus on the way. Later, in order to give the police time, he fought with the gangster unarmed. He was 6 knives in his body, and his body fell down. (In the moment of consciousness, he heard the sound of a police car. He smiled. He took out his wallet and glanced at a photo in the wallet, leaving a tear, and finally closed it with that thought. Eye. This relationship is only as bright as a short shooting star, empty fingers can no longer hold the old vow in memory, even if it ca n��t be dried up, you walk in gently, at that moment, cover this slip for me The time to go. A trace of resentment, a resemblance to Xiao Suo's dreams, for whom style, for whom swaying, for whom tenderness, and for whom, such as water blue silk? The lingering in memory, before I can end, I try to drunk Your place, I listen to your dreams, but you are no longer with me. When you are tired, tired, think of the past, think of her (he) in life, then please remember: The melancholy in memory, can't wait for the ending. In the memory, you have no time to recall, no time to say that he or she treasures him or her quietly disappears on the landscape of your life in the process of silent memory, and only when you return to God do you find the creation People, and now only Go and taste the kind of pain that can be eaten day and night, every minute and forgotten injury. So, you have to say to that girl or boy, please allow me to love you in my own way, so that every day of you Have my thoughts, my blessings, forever ... (Even if I ca n��t give you too many things to remember, I have to give too many things to make you forget)

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