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warmth and longevity,

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    Every day when the sky is bright, people wake up in the singing of the birds, and start a busy day. The first thing is to fill up their own water tanks. Men and women are picking iron buckets. , Yawning from home, yawning, rubbing his sleepy eyes, to the old well to pick up water. When there are a lot of people, everyone consciously comes first in order. You come and go, like a shuttle, picking a full bucket, flickering, the shoulders of the shoulders make a squeaky voice, the bucket splashes all the way Watermark. Don't underestimate fetching water, but it is a skillful and skilled person. Use a hook to hook the bucket, hold your legs apart, and hold the other end of the hook gently. Swing left and right, buckle down sharply, the mouth of the bucket is facing down, and the bucket is filled with water naturally. The bucket will not become unhooked, and then both hands will pull up strongly. Those who do not have the skills, no matter how you put it, the disobedient bucket will always stand on the water surface, and it will be directly decoupled and dropped into the well Online Cigarettes. In order to be safe, you can only tie the bucket with a rope to draw water. There are many young men and women who are just learning to pick water. They drop the barrel into the well for two days. They do n��t want to spend any time relying on the use of the barrel. There are more barrels in the well. , Squatting by the well, using a long rope, tied a grab-type iron ditch, not too slow, carefully polished, most of the time to help everyone out of the bucket Let everyone claim that every winter Newport 100S, when there is a shortage of rain, the water level will drop, and sometimes muddy water will be hit. People will take advantage of this time when the well is warm, and several male laborers tied a person with a rope and hung to Under the well, remove the mud in the well and the bricks and tiles thrown by the naughty children, clean the spring eyes, and pull the dirty water up. This is called Taojing. After it is washed, the clear spring water is gushing out overnight. The water in the well is very sweet, pure and supportive. Among the villages near Fangyuan, the water that belongs to our village is the best to drink. In the six or more years, with the increase in population, the village was divided into two production teams, east and west, because The awkwardness of the team, the people of the east team Annoyed, I dug a big well in the east of the village. The well water was very strong, but it tasted like salt, and it was salty and astringent. I felt an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. People in the East team still got the old well. Pick water to eat. When I was a kid, my health was always bad. My mother never let me do heavy work. When I was about to graduate from junior high school, I was still very thin. When I saw a small playmate next to me, I picked a bucket and flickered. , I'm envious. I asked her to put down her pick, and I tried it, but the bucket didn't move, just happened to be mother came and smiled and said: Try it, you can't pick it! The little girl can pick up water very early. Besides, the little girl does n��t picky eaters. She can eat three or four nests in one meal. You ca n��t finish it after a half-pull. You can't stir the water for yourself. I can pick up water for my father and try to make myself stronger. I try to eat more every meal. When I first started to learn how to pick up water, I picked half a bucket at one end, and my thin shoulders were hurting. Relieve the pressure, holding the hook with both hands, walking like a twisted Yangge, just like the silver ring in Chaoyanggou, just when he went to the countryside to pick water, shake three times. After slowly exercising for a period of time, I was able to pick up the water and walk well. Once I picked four waters in a row, it was easy to fill the water tank, maybe it was too tired, when the last bucket was poured into the tank, the bucket did not pick up, and I pushed the big water tank to it. After a few pieces, I splashed with water. There was a sudden flood of water in the kitchen, and all the firewood and everything were wet, which scared me, and stood still in the water sulking. When the mother heard the noise, she hurried over and said distressedly, "Frighten my girl!" Did n��t you hit you? Don't make a fuss anymore after getting tired Marlboro Red. When I grow up, my body is getting firmer and harder, and I have experience in putting water in the well, and I completely take on a family's draught task. I saved the labor. When the old ladies were cooking, they always carried small pots, washed water and vegetables at the well, and washed sweet potatoes, especially in spring and May each year, the crooked neck acacia tree was full of trees. The acacia flowers are like snow-capped mountains. Women carry large buckets of small buckets, bamboo sieves, and bamboo baskets, and wash down the acacia flowers over and over again, and steam them into vegetable dishes. On summer nights, people work and swim in the large natural bathhouse around the bend of the river, then sit on the open space under the locust tree, or roll on the plate, draw a bucket of well to pull cold water, and chat while cooling down, thirsty After drinking the sweet well-drawn cold water, sometimes soak the towel in the well-drawn cold water and twist it on the shoulder, which is a pleasant summer. In winter, the river is thick with ice. When the sun is good, I carry a bucket and a basin, and follow my mother to the well, as well as the old ladies, hobbling their feet and washing clothes. The warm well water was hot, everyone was washing clothes and chatting with their parents. By the early 1970s, with the advancement of society, every family had hit the well, inserted a steel pipe more than ten meters deep, and pressed a thick steel pipe and iron rafters on the ground. Baby, the water comes out snoring after pressing it a few times. Although the water in the killing well is a bit turbid and not too delicious, it can be used anytime, saving time and effort, and can be used by young and old. The old well is virtually invisible. Was left out. The old generation gradually left, and no one went to dig mud and wells, and deliberately took care of it. With the naughtiness of the children, throwing some bricks and tiles, the water became less and less for many years and generations. The old well, the source of life, supplies pure, sweet, rich water with a simple heart, and nourishes the generations of people in the village. Her quiet dedication and accompanying my growth, from a ignorant In the years of a child ��s youth, she has experienced wind and rain, has experienced vicissitudes, and has a long-term relationship, which is rooted in my heart. The indelible memories, the warmth and longevity, the simple sweet spring and the nostalgic nostalgia are always in me Flowing in life.
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