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Art sister left

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    Art sister left us for nearly two months, and the sorrowful atmosphere of the family has not slowed down. I even think that Mom and Dad hate to see me Cheap Cigarettes, because when I see me, I will think of my sister. After all, we are twins. I decided to spend as much time as possible in the school or bedroom in addition to the meal. Now I am sitting at my sister's desk, nothing has changed in this room that was once ours, but I am left alone. I put my body on the backrest and started to organize her desk. It was a variety of extracurricular exercises. She carefully completed each question and made detailed revision notes. And for me, my desk is full of novels. I bent over and put the finished exercise into the small cabinet under the desk, only to find a note lying in the closet. Open the black cover with a sticky note inside - "If I can't write for some reason, please replace me to let the story continue." - It is the handwriting of my sister. The entire page of the whole page of the note is text. I just thought it was a diary, and then I found out that it was not. Inside is an article similar to a novel, but it is not a novel, because the plot is slightly dull, it is the daily life content of boiled water, and the whole is not even readable. And I always think that there should be some content at the beginning that has not been written. Then I found that the article is composed of a lot of dialogue content. It seems that the author has a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder, otherwise it is impossible to explain why the average language has a description. The second is action and psychological description. The fonts are also very different. In addition to the writings of my sister, there are other handwritings of people I don't know. The fonts that are used extensively for the environment and appearance description seem to be printed rather than written. Even the language style is very strange. Each type of font is written differently. These fonts are like paving stones. They are staggered to form each article, making the overall style slightly strange and different, because paragraphs and paragraphs It is not very consistent. I feel that there should be more than one author of these articles. If this is written by my sister, there is only one possibility that can be explained - she has multiple personalities. But the possibility of changing a personality every time a paragraph is written is low enough to be ignored, and it should have been discovered as long as the frequency splits. I know that it is impossible to get along with her day and night. Or, these articles are really written by many people, but they are temporarily handed over to their sisters for safekeeping. They wrote a new one, and then insisted on writing three-quarters of the notebook. But I immediately found out that it was impossible and unnecessary. They can exchange ideas completely, and then each person takes turns writing an article. And it��s too much trouble to write a person, they don��t have much time to get together or hand over notes. If this group of people really insisted on writing until their sister died, it would be too persevering, I can't believe it. No matter what, everything in this note is too ridiculous Parliament Cigarettes. It took me a while to read it. Unexpectedly, in the last ten pages, there was a name that was exactly the same as that of my sister��s Asakura. I thought it was unexpected because it was exactly the same as a person��s name. The role - ultramarine, that person is the sister's boyfriend, he died in the fire, the name of this person appeared on the first page, I think it should be that my sister missed him so much, so created a peace in another world His role. That world is no different from our world, but his boyfriend is there to live well. Perhaps she was extremely sad before committing suicide before she created a character that was exactly the same as her name and wanted to continue with her boyfriend Marlboro Red. I remembered that the teacher had recited the name of the youth in the mouth a few days before she committed suicide. She even lost her mind when she walked. In a few days, when people found her by the river, she had not breathed the message conveyed by the post-it. The sister should be hopeful. The person who saw this note continued to write down the story. I closed my notes, touched the cover and took it to my desk. "I can rest assured that I will help you with it." I lifted the pen and wrote a paragraph on the note - "The squatting waking up in the reminder of the alarm clock,
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