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    I will still open a public song, my first favorite song, lying in bed, listening to all the sounds in the middle of the night, from deafening to whispering to silent silence, turning over and looking at the weak corridor lights can not sleep Marlboro Red, leaving only the deep sound The singer��s singing curled into a group because the night of September and the night was as if the eyes of the night had just turned off and the light of the daylight white light stinged the eyes sorely against the light against the white wall. The deep singing is still sad. I listened to him singing, singing his family's kitten crotch and a wounded zebra singing the girl who was holding the box under the bridge and the sweating man. The thoughts in the night were mixed with stimulants. The bitter coffee, the sleeplessness that kills drowsiness, so those who lack sleep have to believe in the sun. From the dawn to the eye, all the sun is refracted by the sun and tireless. There is always a kind of sun in the sun at 4:30 in the afternoon. Half-point of taste, the crowded streets here can no longer see the sun hanging or not hanging on the mountainside, but here I know everything about how to access the alleys of the same road, how to get out of the crowd and look into the distance How to find the direction of the North Star in the field, how to grow while forgetting. I still remember that I was a primary school student at that time. It seems that I have been repeating a movement carrying a whole drawer. I always like to pull the hat of the hat very low, without saying a word. Indulging in the sunset, walking on the bridge, tirelessly, year after year, just one day there is a meteor across the sunset. I remember it especially because I was running with it for a long time Marlboro Cigarettes. When I panted and stopped at the back building, the meteor was gone. Obviously I can't remember too many things, but I really didn't lie to you.The train is running from this hole and continues to run to another destination. I don��t know if there is a line of thoughts that will not be broken between the two points. The unknown person just counts the number of trains, but I don��t know the train. How many joys, sorrows, joys, sorrows and sorrows are carried, the tiredness of the people who drive is the tired road lights of the train, along the roadside to the end of the end, where is the end, watching the stars a little bit of peace, in the dark, a wandering The dog marched on the road made of miscellaneous cement, looked down at the source of life, swayed the long-haired tail, and changed his four feet. No one had any more amused music, laughter while playing, and the call of the dog The heart is uplifting, the streets are surrounded, the night is still dark, the warm light, the ridicule that does not belong, or the forward, forward, no longer look back and reach out to make the surprisingly ugly hoarse bridge to the far side There are black mountains in the distance Wholesale Cigarettes, where there are no heavy thoughts.
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