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give up myself.

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    Squinting, watching the sky geese fly over, the lodge stands in the field, several children are playing around the river, the twisted trees are the loyal guardians of the village, the water is located in the center, the water is constantly flowing, the hustle and bustle, like my Thoughts, the streets that have been disturbed are gradually drifting away in my mind, the winter is not yet, the warmth of the early spring, the quietness and beauty of the ghosts, I traveled among them, and I was fascinated. The sun is a versatile color, gently spread on me and all things, radiant, dreamy, wonderful, warm, warm, energetic, lively, let everything recover, the whole village is so calm and my soft eyes through the bushes Through the water, through the hut, watching all the gentleness, repeatedly in the fairyland, I can't pull myself home for a long time, the car slowly drove through the infinite tree-lined path and drove into another world Parliament Cigarettes, I miss this place. Beautiful and quiet, poor villages, stand out from the crowd, fresh and refined, even if the city is bustling, full of money, full-featured, but more able to set off the village's unparalleled. I wandered in my dreams as I woke up and dreamed of breaking away from the tide. The sorcerer leaves the memory with the wind. Autumn is still coming, the inertia in midnight can't help but shrink into a ball. It seems that the final struggle is still dying. The tide is full of taste Marlboro Lights. Pretend that I hug myself, the temperature is just perfect. Satisfied sleep does not know how to describe, summer is still thick sweat attached to the skin, spoiled, the thick milk of the clothes is not willing to fade, as the sun spreads to occupy the autumn, just like returning to the summer Everything is like a naked exposure under the World Wind Day. It��s not only glaring but also makes the population dry and speechless. This summer is short and long. The existence of autumn will not be forgotten. I am sitting on the running bus, there are There is a flower in the wind in the field, and there is a sunset on the top. It seems that there is still light everywhere, the light orange, the outline of the mountains is warm and cool, this walking will take me to where I want to go. The song is clear and swaying, and wrapped in the embrace of the night, sinking into a dream, no matter how many people are in the dark, it will be dark and will never be selfless, dreams, dreams, dreams are the most To heaven, quiet night, I run on the road, I am so tired and even suffering life, I am so lingering, lingering in such a wave, I don��t want to stop, I can��t stop, but I just want to rest, there are too many thorns, The road is cut off too quickly to make people react, but if you accidentally, you will fall into desperation. I am too extreme. For a person��s weakness, I am very easy to give up myself. It is like a parasite that is parasitic by a lonely insect. The illusion of emptying in the brain is not crowded. Lonely but sad, the idle brain is eroded by a strip of insects, and eventually becomes a hollow full of silence. At the end of this summer, the stars that have looked up together have been there Marlboro Cigarettes.
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