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    My feet are most afraid of winter. As soon as I approach the early winter, I have already begun to arm my feet and put on thick two-layer cotton socks. The feet are afraid of winter, but I love the snow in winter. How beautiful is the snowflake, the one and the other floating from the distant horizon, falling on the eaves, only a little while, the heavy snow will bring a layer of silver to the winter world. Even if it is a little snow, it has its own fun, staring at the jumping flower falling to the ground or palm, and then melting into a white liquid, the cool touch makes people more realistically close to the winter. As long as it is heavy snow, we have not stopped for a while, and the thick snow covered by the ground has inspired us. Usually, with the mother's eyes back, we sneak upstairs, pick one or two pieces of discarded wood, and then choose a sloped place to put the board down. We sit on the board and slide down from above, called skiing. Sometimes the board slides smoothly down. Sometimes the board slides halfway and turns over. When the brakes are not enough, we will fall to the ground and be hit by the hard snow on the ground. But that doesn't matter much, stand up and pat the clothes and keep playing. If you are hit by your mother, you will have to eat a meal. Another fun thing is to eat popsicles. For us, winter is a natural storage room. The next night's snow, the next day, the eaves were covered with a thick layer of snow, and a transparent icicle was hung around the eaves. It seems as if they are eager to attract our attention. Those icicles are thicker than one, and one is longer than one. For a time, we can see that our eyes are hot and swallow Marlboro Gold. Although the mother repeatedly stressed that snow is unbearable Cigarettes For Sale, but who cares. We took a lollipop and saw it better than anyone else Online Cigarettes. Whoever is longer than it is, it becomes our delicious lunch and is swallowed into the stomach. But eating ice is also very particular. The bottom part is not edible, because the small part that is pale yellow will make the tongue feel a stimulating numbness. In our cognition, it is toxic, so Every time you eat ice Newport Cigarettes Coupons, you will bypass that part. The ice on the leaves can sometimes become our food. For me, the different forms of ice on the leaves can stimulate my appetite. As the saying goes, often walking along the river, how can we not wet shoes. It was enough in the snow, so we were retaliated by the snow. The snow has broken our feet and carved a crystal-like frostbite on our toes Parliament Cigarettes. Whenever we were sitting around the fire and screaming for itching, my father sighed with gloating: "Don��t listen to the old man, and lose money in front of you." It��s probably enough to look at us with my ankles. Poor, so he made another idea for us. My father��s idea is also simple. We don��t have to work hard to get the materials together. The sprouted potato buds upstairs, the old soot in the pipe and the edible salt were put together and cooked, so a pot of black-and-black medicine for treating frostbite appeared in front of us. We are all very happy, thinking that we are no longer troubled by frostbite, carefully soaking our feet into the water, the feet soaked in hot water are stained with a layer of redness, and the frostbite is more full. I don't know where my father's method came from, and I don't know if the potato sprouts, old smoke and salt mixed together have a curative effect. Anyway, I didn't use it. The next day, the foot relapsed, and itchy. It is an entire winter. But this kind of lesson failed to resist my love for snow. When the snow went down, I went out. I haven't seen snow in winter for a few years. If it's not the itching of the feet, sometimes the weather is so warm that I think it's still autumn or has arrived in the spring. But my feet are afraid of winter. No one can change this. Even if it is no longer snowing, the snow has already sneaked into the blood of the feet. There is no snow in winter, and the feet begin to itch again in winter.
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