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    Many people hope that they can be better and better, so they think that they have been improving and progressing. I still want to have a second one. However, a lot of things in life have changed in the way we are slowly pursuing. Because, too much time is perfect, we abandon the original us and abandon our own things. A friend made Ali, and some people suggested that he said that it is not difficult to do Ali, collect the top ten in the industry, and then combine all their advantages. Then you can do very well and you can go beyond They are gone. I said, no, you just choose one that you like, you can see it comfortably, and then completely imitate him. The advice given by his friends, I believe that many people also like it, why, because of perfection. Everyone can't be perfect, but the combination is really less of a lot of disadvantages and lots of advantages. There is a friend in the group. He is a technology transfer. Before he wrote the code, he later sold it. He had his own company and saw that there were many fans who wrote text on the Internet. He Also thinking about writing text on the web. It��s just that his words are very straightforward and straightforward. Just like he writes code, he rarely modifies it and is dry. He said that now that he is confused, he has not jumped out of the technical thinking, and the words are not loved by others. I said, fortunately, you have not jumped out of the technical thinking, otherwise it is really mediocre. On the Internet, or on our side, there are many people who write code, and there are many people who write text, but there are not many people who write code to write text. It is also that he has such a special, so everyone really likes his words. It��s just that he wants to let more people see it, let more people like it, and see others writing lyrics very well, he also thought. Actually not, if he can stick to his own style, stick to it and be better than others. Because others don't have their own style, they don't have their own taste. But he really has it, and that taste is the favorite of others Newport Cigarettes, that is very direct, very real taste. Thinking of this, I thought of my friend with a hat. He was doing printing business. In the early days, the weather was too hot for a while, and someone gave him a hat, so he ran his business with a hat. But I didn't expect his performance to be very good. Why, because everyone thought of printing, they would think of the one with a hat. It��s just how many years have passed and he still has a hat. In fact, he really doesn't look good with a hat, but everyone really remembers him with a hat. The back of his business card also wrote the hat. It is because he does not pursue perfection, so he becomes very unusual. If he also wants to pursue perfection, pursue handsomeness, or replace his hat with other things, maybe he will become very ordinary. It is not perfect, it is not mediocre. I saw a story a long time ago. I have a personal ugly tooth. I want to be an actor. I didn��t have to treat the tooth when I didn��t have money. I didn��t expect to have a movie in the back. He was famous, so he just thought. Go and take the tooth off. But I didn't expect her to take off her teeth. He really became super super normal, and everyone didn't like him. A lot of things may not be perfect at the beginning, but they really have their own qualities. A perfect, really like everyone, super super ordinary. There is a marketing master in China, it is really fierce, Ye Maozhong, everyone must know. But it is such a powerful person, and he has a hat no matter where he goes. In fact, if he does not wear a hat, he will really look better, but it is with. Another one is Eason Chan, his hair is also very ugly, but many people see him the first time to see his hair. It is very simple for him to be a hair, but he has been keeping this style for a long time. For many people, ugly and not ugly is really not that important. There is a prominent point that makes people remember is the most important. Moreover, the ugly point is ugly, and there is good effect. Like the friends who originally wanted to decorate the article, there are individuals in the group. I liked his shop at first sight. It's really not very good, but it's really real and very own. He does not understand the network, and it is very real, very direct, with children at home, so her Taobao shop is really ugly, there are not many things, there are renovations, but which is the simplest one. Kind of template. And there are very few things, a total of 12 kinds. And he showed it twice. Recommended once, recommended below. But it is such an ugly decoration, the business is really good. The first time I saw his shop, I said, I like the style of you, it is very solid, and there are not many things. He said that he likes things to buy, likes to focus on, does not like fancy, and is afraid that customers don't know how to choose, so things are passed. But it is such a local shop that really makes people feel very comfortable. I believe she also saw a lot of shops and saw a lot of renovations very good. But it is her reality, insisting on her own point, but she has really come out of her own characteristics. There is also a friend in the group Cigarettes For Sale. The first few said that they intend to transfer her personal integrity into a corporate integrity pass. Why should we turn it around? Otherwise, we can't enter Ali's brand store. If this happens, the traffic will be less. I said, you must not turn into an enterprise version. Everyone really sees you as a personal version and has been following you. Why, he is a children's wear, and we often say that children's wear is often the first in Ali. The administrator asks them to brush the order at least 10 million a month mokingusacigarettes.com, which is equal to the bill, at least 120 million a year. Of course, the activities are not counted, because once there is activity, it really needs a lot. He himself also started from the ground. But this is also a personal integrity, the real sales of a year is at least 20 million. I told him that the entire Alibaba personal integrity can be as good as you should be no more than 20 Wholesale Cigarettes. But if you become an enterprise version, it is really super ordinary. The Enterprise Edition is doing much better than you. 360wifi everyone knows that less than one million sales in less than one year Marlboro Cigarettes, it is China's WIFI products, the hardware sells the most. But at the beginning, this product is not a prominent WIFI, it has a lot of features. 360 boss said that the other are cut off, leaving only one of the largest WIFI. So everyone remembers WIFI. Many things in life are really disappearing in the process of pursuing perfection. We want a lot of things, but we have lost a lot of things. Many times, we have lost our original ourselves. In fact, each mountain has the beauty of each mountain. Every river has the scenery of each river. It is really important to stick to your own path and get out of your own style. This kind of beauty is independent. Charm.

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