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memory, and sha

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    The years have gone without a trace, and the years have been rumbling. The flow of years is like water, it is easy to promise, it is easy to die, the time is like the line, we may not be able to grasp the tail of the time, but we can sense the temperature of the thread through the moment of the needle, we can also use our own heart to determine the silk of the silk in life. The pattern pierced on the cloth, either beautiful, or depressed, is the treasure that natural spirits give us. When the dynasty died, the butterfly flew away from the Bohai Sea. Compared to those little creatures, we lived in the natural world for too long and too long. However, the millennium glory seems to be floating, and the battle moves to the stars. But the sea and the mulberry field are just in the middle of a finger, and the moment is a must, the time is too hasty, as a passer-by, sometimes, some things, we can not allow us to regret or regret, we can do It is worthy of the heart, do everything you can to do what you want to do: go to the holy land you have longed for, love the person you want to love, indulge your own madness, comfort your loneliness... year after year Day by day, the years go by, and those people in the memory, those scenery will never fade, stay in the sunset, in the prosperous loneliness, look for the first touch or the spirit of March peach, April cherry dance; July fire , August hurricane. It��s easy to get old, and it��s easy to die. On the bluestone board, the footprints of the people, the teenagers in the memory, have grown up... It��s a must, and the Bodhi tree is clean, returning to the time, quietly meditating Wholesale Cigarettes, praying for memory, no time, wish The footprint has never been erased. In Wan Wan��s silence, he met the bustling time when he first saw it. Once I have loved a person, I can have a memory. Those who have passed away can become more lovely in the retouching of the years. If I miss a person, I will regret it. People will always leave some in this life. Regrettably, I would like to remember how young and frivolous I have been fortunate that I am clear at the most sensitive age: it is impossible to realize some dreams, and some people will eventually miss them. In this case, when everything happens, only regrets and no regrets, regretting the original choice or regret has not been cherished. Some people, if they missed it, they missed it. If they couldn��t catch it, they couldn��t get it right Newport 100S, and they couldn��t come back, why bother? Some things, not to re-select, can result, destiny mokingusacigarettes.com, the words "if" are not wrong, but the people who choose too many monuments or things only exist in the history books, but unfortunately, the history books are too fake. Those of the predecessors in the past have lost the original Fanghua in the retelling or retouching of the descendants, and they are all the first in the story. Just as the broken teeth of the spurs are sub-semester, the descendants are no longer fortunate to appreciate the grace of the "Mountain Flowing Water"; the previous song "Guangling San" by Ji Kang was sentenced to a thousand intestines Cigarettes For Sale, and for the country as the world, "Guangling San" Absolutely, Yu Kang was mourning; even the widely-distributed "Meihua San Nong" lost the original rhyme in the changes of the times. So we in the imagination to polish, try to restore those true, in the sadness, loneliness to find a music close to the soul, easily scratched a moment of sadness, temporarily a moment of peace May pomegranate, June ����; August Jin Gui, September Qiuju. The creature grows and multiplies in its unique form and time series, and life changes in the alternation of these seasons. From the peach blossoms in March to the flowers, from the other side to the like, the flowers bloom, How much is the youngest. I spent my life in the end, and I lost my old age. The winds of the autumn are full, and the gardens are full of lotus flowers. After the autumn is late, we have also made the spectators of the three autumn flowers, birds and fish worms. They can��t do the test. I left the name of the person in the history book, but I hope that I can get a clear pool in the garden and make a fish. You can't do the red lotus planted by the pavilion, but you can also find a place to live in the vast land. You can save yourself in the long sky, do what you want to do Marlboro Red, and weave your dreams. The distance will only be more and more embarrassing, and the thoughts will only be more and more thin, so don't stick to the temporary sadness. Recalling the initial state of mind when he was late, the road met with a night of incitement, met with the missing person in memory, and shared a gorgeous but elegant movement with time and passengers. Although such a new year is not a sound, it is enough to touch the whole life.
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