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Every night

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    Like the summer night sky, there is an unpredictable future, but I know that there will always be a star shining in a corner for me. I am looking forward to a little bit different, so I have a dream. The dream is on the other side. Countless days and nights, I looked into the distance, looking forward to my heart, waiting for her, but she was slow to come and wind, and flowers fell. I am very happy, I reach out and catch a few pieces of flowers, it is new, yes, it is happy. I was so crazy that I closed my eyes and lay in the rocking chair. The gently fluttering Pu fan quieted down, but my heart was not calm Marlboro Lights. I don't know, I like the wind or the flowers. There is no answer to the confusion in my heart, and I can't get a home away from it. Perhaps, dreams, like this little mood, can't be clearly defined. But I understand that it is the dream that guides me in the direction of progress. Just like passing by, just look up and see the starry sky that still flashes in the air, then there is no confusion; as if you first saw it, as long as the wisdom of the eyes is a clever and a smile, then the dream is the most beautiful and colorful paradise. Give me the wings that I want to fly. No matter where I have been, I have visited; I can��t close my heart, even if I dim the time, I change my light clothes, I still fearless and sincere Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I am quiet and flowing at any time; I am awakened by perseverance, and I pass by every pass, in my Beside him, decorate the hope. - I only want, how many times a dream baton, I am thinking, simple thoughts, simple wishes; I can not come to every dawn, just in every corner of the dark erosion, simple The thought Parliament Cigarettes, the simple embarrassment; this world, there is a little bit of my nostalgia, just this point is good, passing through my heart will grow a piece of spring, let me full of hope and imagination. I am so reluctant to say goodbye to my life. Then stick to it and never give up, never say "difficulty". The tenacity that is not spoken is full of illusions Cigarettes Online, and everything that is worth looking forward to is beautiful and worthy of possession. Gazing, fantasizing, awkward, looking forward to me, as I used to think about it in the dead of night, I have a dream - I want to be with the words, and I am in the hall of literature. Although everything is so far away, as long as I can see the hope in my heart Marlboro Cigarettes, there are enough reasons to try and stick to it. Every night, my dreams are covered with a thick layer of dew, and my heart is a bit cold, but as soon as I look up, as long as I look up, I have no reason not to believe. The night sky, my heart, my dreams fall silently into the night sky, that shines, I can't catch it, but it condenses into a vow of no regrets. I can only go all out to the feast of life with limited life
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