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    Who sings the call of love, who is the next month's red line, who is singing the love song of the year, who is silent, the tears of the tears, who is climbing the laurel, who is chasing dreams On the olive green shirt, who is waiting on the defense line, who is the string of chest medals, who cares about the family, who is who wrote the dream poem that year, that day, you drive Xiangyun descended to the mortal world Online Cigarettes. It is the meeting of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, or you are chasing the dream. There is more than one person in the world. The House of Happiness added a smile and opened the fairy garden. When I look back, you fall into the flower season, and the students woven a blue dream. You resolutely enter the military school and go to the Mulan Dream. I went back to the mountain town school because there were many pairs of hopeful eyes flashing. I am willing to be a teacher and teach farming in a simple classroom. Although our dreams are different, it is sweet for everyone to work hard. The national dream of the national dream is first. The country is rich and the people are strong, and the country is the people. The Eastern Lion has been awakened and galloped across the vast land. Adding bricks and increasing the number of tiles, and jointly dreaming of the moon of the fifteenth home, according to the hometown, the photo is on the side. silent Night. You miss me too, miss you too. Lightly treasured memories, campus moonlight nostalgia. The pleasant night wind touches the warmth, and the passionate sorrowful love is whispering in the sea. The river squatted and sneaked into the youth who embraced the moonlight. The prime minister of the year of the year is coming to visit, and thousands of times turn around and pick up the years. Twilight safely spilled over the heart. For the dream, you are obsessed with the moon and you are in the barracks line. I teach farming in my hometown. There is a dream of olive green in the military camp, and my blue sky in the classroom of the mountain village. Hard training and bitterness Parliament Cigarettes, weight-bearing cross-country sweat stains. In the quiet month, I look at my hometown dreams, and I have a pillow. The podium stood numb and the corrections were red. The children in the line are really laughing, hard and warm. There are you and me in the harvest, and the reunion is your wish. Have you accompanied, look for dreams first, you are the wind, I am sand, tangled around the world. Looking for a slap in the middle of it, scorning flowers for ink, picking up thoughts and writing pens. Spread the lingering enamel, coloring tenderness embellishment Wholesale Cigarettes. Draw a crescent moon as a brow, and lick the gel. If Xi Shi is suspected of Zhaojun, the tip of the pen is squinting with Acacia, and the hands are lightly drawn, and a thought is rendered. I have embraced a few dreams, and I have been convinced that you have won three medals Newport 100S. People have become strong, and they have become a dream. After a new semester, I sealed my thoughts and made the dreams crouch. Deep feelings turn into love and sprint on campus. With you, the dream is not alone. A few degrees of wind and rain, a few degrees of spring and autumn, wind, frost, snow and rain. After all the hardships and insults, the youngsters do not say anything. The network transmits you and my feelings, and the waves flow your encouragement. Take a piece of red leaves with the wind, fluttering you and me. I wish you are Mulan, you wish me to be a gardener, and fight for the dreams on their own stage. Since ancient times, there have been countries with a family, and the young aspirations are not to be said. With you, the dreams of the dreams on the road are the call of us to sing love. It is the red line of the moon, which is the red line of the moon. It is the love song of the motherland singing the motherland. It is our quiet number of acacia Marlboro Gold, and it is the dragon of the East. It is the military youth who wear olive green clothes. It is a million soldiers waiting for the border. It is a hero and a daughter who hang up the medal. It is our people who are dedicated to the small family. You are the poem that I am with him and share the dream of a strong country. With you, the road of chasing dreams is not afraid of the wind and rain. Fight for love, fight for dreams, spring is full of people.
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