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Few foreign novels

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    Few foreign novels have been read before, perhaps because the length is too long and the plot is slow to develop. But there is a book that has broken my original thinking about foreign works. It has left me with the structure and form that has transcended it. Instead, it is a meticulous reflection, thinking about the emptiness of the world and the hypocrisy and nature of human nature [url=http://www.cigars-home.com/newport-regular.html]Parliament Cigarettes[/url]. What kind of collision will there be, why is there such a collision? A really good novel is to reveal beauty and ugliness behind the story, while black and white, let the readers explore what is the light point of humanity. This novel is "The Great Gatsby", the most outstanding writer of the 20th century in the United States. One - Fitzgerald's masterpiece. Japanese writer Haruki Murakami regards him as "a standard [url=http://www.npsmoking.com/]Newport 100S[/url], a ruler, a sign that sees his position." Believe that "the great Gatsby" is nothing more than the hero of this novel is Gatsby, the author passed Gatsby's neighbor, Nick's perspective, interprets his experience and the final sinking. Gatsby fell in love with his distant cousin, Daisy, a long time ago. He reunited with Daixi at a banquet. At this time, he had a wealth of money. The scars that had not been with the sinful sin in the past were finally healed. Fall in love once. However, at this time, Daisy was married and had children. Under the interference of her husband, the relationship between the two was deadlocked again. Gatsby has always been a person who is loyal to love [url=http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/]Marlboro Red[/url]. His love for Daisy is truly dead. Unfortunately, at the end of his life, Daisy has not yet returned to Gatsby��s life, but people are right. His thinking has never stopped. The author's Gatsby is a legendary figure - inherited from the family, traveled to the Quartet, and even some people said that he had killed people, but when he saw Daisy, he would be nervous like a child, with innocence Simple side. When others are busy, he is always alone and stunned by the supernatural world. Why are such people eventually forgotten? It can only be said that people are small in society, and that when they are so small that their pupils are clear, they will be seen as hail; if they stand by their side, they cannot be sheltered. Perhaps the author's life is such an era in which you fight for it, and the weak meat is strong. The words of Lao She are "not leaving a good way for good people." Gatsby is sad. He dedicated his love to a woman who worshipped the gold and was corrupted by the times. He did not find that sometimes love and hate are as simple as nobody imagined. Unconsciously, they will be ruthless. Deviation from the author is that the heart is so sorrowful, but I believe that he did not erase the light. Although Gatsby is a tragedy, his innocence and enthusiasm are as old as ever. This kind of positive energy is needed in our time. Perhaps this novel reflects the reality behind the desire for people to look like the simple stream in the midsummer night. For this person, I believe that the darkness will never come to the "Great Gatsby" 800 words. After reading in his novel, Murakami repeatedly mentioned that Fitzgerald is his favorite writer, and his works are deeply influenced by him. The effect was covered with a sense of loneliness and confusion, as well as the light spot on the other side of Gatesby night and night. When I don't understand this work, no matter how hard thinking and meditation, the monk is still unable to understand the mind. Gatsby is in the great place. When he was 16 years old, he concealed his own life. He was away from the family of God and dared not face his poor parents. Let go. I fell in love with Daisy, but my poor family and the pampering of the poor are not right. This kind of reality made Gatsby��s fantasy disappear for the first time. With the love of confrontation and the embarrassment of ideals, he vowed to become a millionaire, to meet the material son-in-law, so that she can return to the past and stand by her. When Tom debunked Gatsby's elaborate lie, he told him to shut up [url=http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/]Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. His nervous and uncontrollable manners seemed to be like a singer, or a seemingly Oxford man. And when Gatsby��s body was lying in the castle, no one came to worship. The whole castle is as dead as the autumn leaves buried in the earth, and then all the lively scenes of the past are no longer there. Everyone likes his passion for the past. What is even more unbearable is that Yongzheng and Tom are on holiday in Europe and enjoy their "good life". I suddenly felt that he only had a wonderful fantasy. Or the first sentence that affects my novel: "Whenever you want to criticize someone, you must remember that not everyone in this world has the superior conditions that you have." Even if reality is tormenting him, he will not easily give up the ideal world in his heart. He just didn't dare to say to himself that the cockroach had changed. In her tears, there was money besides love. He is just too fond of Daisy, and he has been waiting for five years. He is still waiting for Daisy��s phone call until he is dead, waiting for Daisy and him to isolate the place of greed. In an era when people are crazy about their interests, and in a time when love is not so pure, people like Gatsby can maintain the obsessive pursuit of pure Platonic love. He can still maintain a very quiet life. Heart, this is why he makes Vera feel very mysterious and has to admire. Oh, because of the substance, gave up my love. The awkward husband, Tom, was sexually violent, and he did all sorts of things that he was sorry for, and he was desperate, but what could she do, hysterically yelling? However, this is her own choice, there is no other way, and then the lost love is revived by the material drive, and then gave up again under the fear of crime, ending Gatsby's tragic life. Wilson, perhaps the most tragic figure in the book [url=http://www.cigars-home.com/]cigars-home.com[/url], has no money, no status, and does not work hard. I don��t even know how to derail my wife until I finally use it, ending the lives of others and ending my life. Nick, the witness of the whole process, and the ultimate bearer, bears this indifferent world.

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