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    Look at the Forbidden City in the north and the ancient kiln in the south. Full of enthusiasm and eagerness to reunite with old friends, the millennium porcelain I have come to the sun, the cool is hard to bear. But I can't stop me from searching for the ancient kiln. The ancient kiln is located in the western suburbs of Jingdezhen, in the dense pines and cypress forests. The afterglow of the sunset in the pines is like the kiln fire that the ancient kiln has not extinguished for thousands of years. It is like a visit to the kiln road along the plain Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa. Every step and two steps, I feel like I have been away for a year or two. Immersed in the dream of a thousand years of dust, walked into the depths of history, and was enchanted by the combination of mud and fire art. In the ancient kiln, blue and white porcelain of various shapes can be seen everywhere. The quiet bamboo forest, the water tower and even the bathroom are all covered with exquisite art porcelain and porcelain. It is full of people and enjoys rich and beautiful vision. The feast ceramic display area, pieces of art white as jade, sound like a slap, thin as paper, as a mirror. The kiln becomes an antique bottle, the underglaze color lady, the elegant rhyme blue and white porcelain, the sculpture porcelain doll, the pastel porcelain plate painting, the bird and the beast are different in shape, lifelike! The unique and famous scenery of this ancient town has been formed. The beautiful pieces of ceramics are in close contact with the ancient kiln, and the thick and endless charm of the ancient kiln is felt. The kiln and the vicissitudes of the face reflect the legend of history and burn the footprints of the ages. Kiln, the passage of time carries the flourishing kiln of ceramics, and the blazing fire has made Jingdezhen famous in both China and abroad, and it has also achieved its own splendid glory! The town kiln in the Qing Dynasty, the gourd kiln in the Ming Dynasty Cheap Newport Regular Online, the Shantou kiln in the Yuan Dynasty, the Longyao in the Song Dynasty, the Fenghuo Xianshi Temple and other scenic spots show the veins of the millennium porcelain culture. Visit these scenic spots to deeply understand the porcelain culture of the Bogu kiln crystal, crystal clear The more mottled the more beautiful. Jingdezhen Porcelain contains the vicissitudes of history and the prosperity of modern times. She is the treasure and wonder of the Chinese Culture and Art Garden! Someone once asked me how long can the longest trip be? I told him that it was the distance of a story. People were willing to bitter and walk with life. People would rather look up, bow their heads and wander, carry a floating heart, pass the sun, drizzle the rain, and After the flowering period, the one who passed away in the hands of an organist, ordered a pot of wine and a cup of tea to talk about his life in Beijing in the past few years. He learned from his experience that he was from the distant Sahara desert. It was the first organist on their side. As an ancient Belle tribe, there is a habit of going out to work hard in adulthood, and he is no exception. That year, he was eighteen years old, left with his beloved accordion, went to Beijing alone to wander, and made a living by playing the piano. When he first arrived in Beijing, he played the piano in the underground passage, saying that he was sipping a drink. I asked him jokingly, underground passage and Houhai, where do you like to stay more? The rain of the face is so low that it is not so much trapped by the rain Newport Cigs Cheap, it is better to enjoy this short stay. Maybe a long time ago, there will be a 'different world, no need to ask questions, no need to worry, look up and smile, I went to Spain with my friends, bowed my head and wandered, and took a long journey with a brave heart. A year ago, I went to Spain with a wandering heart. After doing all kinds of freedom and freedom, I met him, and a year later I returned to here with a heart that I wanted to be safe Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping. I became a family and I often went to Houhai. That is, he has already returned to his hometown, the place where the yellow sand has been given to him. He received a letter from him accidentally six months later. The letter said that his house has a big house and can be seen through the white clouds. In the blue sky, he founded an organ class, can walk in the sand to wander in the beautiful melody, he also sleepless in Beijing Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online, or into a group of young people, wandering in the wandering, eager to find To find? The so-called wandering wandering, whether it really harvests happiness, toward the heart and sadness, life is not difficult to guess, happiness is not difficult to obtain, wandering in the direction of the heart, and that is all.

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