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Chopard watch maintenance skills introduction

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    Replica Swiss Chopard Watches are Swiss high-end watch brands, which are expensive. Therefore, we must be extra careful in daily use. Improper use can damage the watch and shorten its life. Here is the home of the watch to introduce the Chopard watch maintenance skills!

    1. After soaking in gasoline and washing it, soaking it in gasoline and washing it can solve the long-term accumulation of grease and block the malfunction of the watch, and achieve the purpose of maintaining the Fake Cheap Swiss Watch.

    2. Check the internal parts of the watch. If the screw cap is found to be broken, use a table screw driver to unscrew it. Then take out the broken screw, you can solve the problem of handling the internal parts of the watch to achieve the purpose of maintaining the watch.

    3. Clean the watch oil. The rotation of the strip shaft is not flexible, and the long-term accumulation of grease stains is one of the factors that cause the malfunction of the watch. The obstruction is severely hooped. At this time, the hard strip will inevitably cause the folding teeth, so it should be solved after washing in gasoline and washing. There is no axial or radial gap between the strip wheel and the strip cover, which is another factor of rotation failure. It should be carried out with reference to the repair method of the strip wheel.

    4. Remove the broken screw cap of the Replica Discount Watch. If it is not handled for a long time, it will affect the performance of the watch. The large steel wheel screws of the watch are broken in the thousands of shafts. Most of the large steel wheel screws use positive-rotating screws. There are a few counter-rotating screws used in foreign mechanical watches. If the direction of the screw is not clear, the screw cap will often break. In the case of falling, the large steel wheel loses the fastening of the screw, and when the watch is on the top, it will come out from the side of the shaft, and the spring can not be tightened. If the length of the screw remaining in the shaft is such that the length of the screw is exposed, the broken screw can be bitten by the clamp, and it can be screwed out in the direction of the screw-out. When the broken screw is level with the square of the birch, it can be used. The tip of the blade should be loosened at several points on the edge of the broken screw. When the broken watch screw is slightly lower than the top surface of the birch, the thin boring tool can also be used to slap a groove on the top surface of the slab, and the corresponding residual screw also opens the slot, and then uses the table. Screw the screwdriver to unscrew it, and then take out the broken screw to solve the problem of handling the internal parts of the watch to increase the working life of the watch.

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