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    Since I came to this school and saw this leader, I feel that he is not as gentle as the teacher of my previous school. Instead, he is overbearing. He has a small height, a small body and a pair of " reading glasses". He is the famous teacher of our school, and also our history teacher. It is also the period of our military commander during the military training. I once felt sad because of him. I really want to cry. We are queuing to the dining hall. When I was just looking for a good location, everyone was ready to sit down Wholesale Usa Cigarettes. He suddenly shouted: "Who asked you to sit down? There is no politeness. Always sit down with other classmates? Give me a stand up!" Standing up in obscurity, he shouted again: "The military position is standing!" We stood upright and stood upright. I felt uncomfortable. Suddenly I wanted to grab my face. I immediately grabbed it and put my hand down. I just looked up. I saw him looking at us seriously Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping, and I closed my eyes with fear. After a while, I slowly opened my eyes and looked at his serious expression and the expression of his classmates. Listening to his "bad" words, I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to cry. At that moment, I thought that he was a very overbearing person. Until one day, I strolled on the trail outside the library, quietly listening to the words of the classmates while admiring the flowers and trees next to the path Wholesale Ciggarettes. Suddenly, the classmates said with a big hand: "The class leader is coming!" I drove the classmate to the girls' dormitory Cigarettes Online Usa Only. When I just ran less than five meters, I bumped into a classmate. I fell to the ground. Nothing, but that person. The classmate was petite, accidentally rubbing his skin and sprained his foot. I was trying to take her to the infirmary, but unfortunately I couldn��t drag her. The classmate said: "The leader is coming!" I wanted to escape the leader's eyes and wanted to help the classmate Cheap Carton. He was really eye-catching. When he saw a classmate fall, he immediately ran to pick her up and ran to the infirmary. The doctor solved the wound for her. I watched silently with my classmates. Suddenly he turned and I immediately became afraid. I was afraid that he would marry me. What he never expected was that he only said six words: "Be careful later!" Then he left, leaving only his back from the beginning, I discovered that it turned out that he was "overbearing" and gave a warm feeling.

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