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    harmonious, with a long-lasting oriental charm. Entering the annex, there is always a chic empty window waiting for you Cigarettes Wholesale Online. The transparent glass breaks through the psychological distance between you and the three green bamboos outside the house, as if you can touch your hands. However, no. Yes, no matter where you stand under the window, you can see the swaying sway of the bamboo in the side of the window. You can still enjoy the beautiful scenery. This is the characteristic of Su Bo. Su Bo also used gravity to simulate the flow of mountains and waters. The clear water was introduced into the pond at the bottom of the building from the top to the bottom. The pond was planted with lotus flowers, and the summer lotus field and the lotus scented the face. This is a must for Su Bo. The trees planted by Su Bo are also eye-catching. The trees are high and low, and the different plants are different. They are different in shape and soft in lines. They are soft and soft, and complement each other. They are scattered in the corner of Subo. Across the aisle, the world in front of us is no longer only white and black, and Su Bo will live up and connect through the space outside the courtyard, so that nature can be integrated into the building, which is the biggest feature of Subo. One of the most painstaking is the setting of the main courtyard in the north of the central hall. This creative landscape garden, elaborately created on the elements of classical gardens, is different from the traditional gardens of Suzhou and does not deviate from the Chinese humanity and charm. It is enough to make people intoxicated at a glance. The landscape garden is directly connected to the garden of the Humble Administrator's Garden Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. The waterscape begins at the northwest corner of the north wall, as if it was drawn from the west of the Humble Administrator's Garden Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. There is a curved bridge and a pavilion floating on the water. The koi in the water is a hundred heads, and it seems to be like a visitor. On a clear day, the clouds and the walls and the water, the next white; the blue sky into the pool as the bottom, the tree and the wall and the stone and the people into the water, when there are fish in the middle, beautiful, picturesque. Visitors came here, there is no one who is not thinking about the mouth of the "as in the picture" under the northern wall for the original stone rockery Carton Of Newports 100. It is also the eye of Subo's landscape. This kind of "wall-to-paper, stone-painted", unique landscape landscape, showing a clear outline and silhouette effect. As if connected to the next Humble Administrator's Garden, the old and new garden pens are broken and cleverly integrated into one. Through the walls of the Humble Administrator's Garden, the slabs of rock and stone that are arranged in high and low, in the misty rains of the south of the Yangtze River, create the artistic conception of the rice-painted landscape paintings. Just like the rice bran word cloud: "The odd wins, every bar, forget to return. The mountains are picturesque, the water is even the clouds, and there is no leisure." The ingenuity of the ingenuity is also as Chen Cong Zhou said: "The Jiangnan gardens are stacked in the mountains, each set off against the powder wall, and the mountains and rocks should be compact, and the paintings of this powder wall are also." Such a perfect pen, I have to admire the great spirit of Mr. Pei Ming's old man through the courtyard of the museum, and then went to the tea room in the Wisteria Garden. It was a good painting at the glance of the curved branch. According to the introduction of the wisteria in the southwest of the garden, she also married the vines transplanted from the wisteria that was hand-planted by Wen Zhengming in the past to show the continuation and inheritance of Suzhou culture. Although I have missed the flowering period at this time, I can't appreciate the romantic Wisteria Rose Flower Waterfall. But when we sit under the wisteria rack for tea, we can also say that this wisteria can have the genes of the hand-planted wisteria. You are sitting under the vines of the Wisteria of the Ming Dynasty. This is not a scene yet. The mood of She��s out of Subo, it��s hard to find its iconic signboard. It��s so safe to sit on the side of a wide street, hidden in a bustling downtown area, no hurry, calmly accept the world��s tourists. . Whether a piece of architectural work is great is not because of its grandeur, but in its connotation. Even a towering building that has lost its beauty and has its own characteristics can only be seen in the clouds and will not leave any memories. On the contrary, the pursuit of the finest and elegant, "full" and "poetry book" architecture, even if there is no tall figure, even if it can not be visually suppressed, it will be regarded as a classic, forever. This style of Su Bo shows his humility in front of his predecessors, and also shows his self-satisfaction of "learning the rich five cars". I think this is also the style of Pei Ming. "Middle and new, Su and new" This is the philosophy that B&B insisted on when designing Subo. He said that Suzhou City, there are so many poets, so many painters, it is like Florence in Europe. Therefore, it is emphasized that it is necessary to maintain the "grey" Suzhou flavor and to innovate. So there is the Suzhou Museum, which is full of changes in Suzhou and is three-dimensional. Mr. Pei Ming��s insistence on innovation must have a deep source, so the Suzhou Museum is full of Suzhou history Buy Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online, but Bayou is stubborn and believes that the old garden can not be equipped with new buildings, so he chose the stone roof, stone The landscape is still a garden for changing scenery, but it is full of modern atmosphere. I have read an interview, and I have mentioned the story of Taihu Stone, which I missed when I was a child. Every Taihu stone on the Suzhou garden rockery is carefully selected by the craftsmen and then washed into the lake by the lake. It is often taken out by the craftsmen's grandchildren for several decades. He talked about the test of living time that true art has to pass, and it can stand the evaluation of history. He took the design of the Suzhou Museum at the age of 85. For Su Bo, the most loved little daughter, he personally selected and carefully selected almost every tree and every stone in the Subo landscape. This is the Su Bo that everyone saw today. Suzhou is fortunate, and the master left a handed down work for his hometown. The master is also lucky, put a perfect

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