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    Some people say that if a city does not have a museum Buy Discount Cigarettes, it is like a person without a soul. So to understand a city, we start from its museum. Subo is the last architect of modernism, Mr. Pei Ming, dedicated to his hometown, and is also the work of closing the mountain. Pei Ming is a famous family in Suzhou. Although she was born in Guangzhou and studied in Shanghai, she spent every holiday in Suzhou. Suzhou carries his 18 years of early memories. It is said that on the night of the 80th birthday of Pei Ming, it was a lion forest that was produced by the Beijiazu and now donated to the state. The master who has lived overseas for a long time and is proud of his hometown��s mission listened to Kunqu��s ��Amazing Dreams in the Garden��. In the lion forest built by the uncle, Beirenyuan, the vicissitudes of life rushed to the heart and wrote seven words: ��Cloud Lin's paintings are old and unparalleled, so one year later, there was a blueprint for Su Bo, which was closely linked to the loyalty to the king's palace Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, and was separated from the wall of the World Cultural Heritage Park. In this subtle, complex and sensitive historical district, Su Bo is simply a visual feast. These different sizes, regular order, and angular Bayesian geometry walls are embedded together in a piece of white jade set with vermiculite. It is simple, clear, clean, elegant, and in one go. It has both Jiangnan "grey and white walls". Simple, and with the exquisiteness of Western-style modern architecture, a three-dimensional geometric figure is in front of you, making people enjoy themselves. This kind of Chinese-Western architectural style is light and elegant, simple and noble, and it will bring out the design concept of "old and new, Su and new". It is like a white crane, bright and bright, living in Suzhou, growing in the south of the Yangtze River, and like the lotus in the clear and white, quietly blooming in the ancient city, fresh and refined, let people never forget the Su Bo The "facade" is not so prominent compared with the four neighbors Newports Wholesale. It uses the modernist method to give the traditional door elements a new style, elegant and elegant, with a courtyard in front of the gate, ponds, bridges, rockeries, pavilions and concerts, just right. The combination is awesome. The hall door of the entrance hall is semi-circular on both sides. It takes the meaning of the Su-style garden to stop and say Carton Of Newports 100, and there is a sense of inviting people to enter the whole space. Mr. Bei changed the usual square space and designed the atrium into an octagonal shape. At the same time, the wall shape was changed as the height of the floor increased, reflecting the architectural features of the patchwork roof of the south of the river. Among them, triangles and diamonds are the main styling elements, and the gray paint emphasizes the turning of various forms, forming a rich, rhythmic space effect. At the same time, due to the variety of shapes, the sunlight that shines through the top window creates an interesting and subtle light and shadow effect, emphasizing the drama of space. It is a fascinating view of the atrium in the atrium. There are two diamond-shaped window holes on the walls on both sides, and the outdoor green landscape is still transmitted, like two paintings hanging on the wall. It is not difficult to find that simple geometry is the language that designers use to shape space. However, these modern design elements are created by interspersed and combined, but created a space temperament full of traditional taste. Even the chandeliers of the atrium are designed independently. The traditional Chinese lanterns are shaped and the traditional spirit is perfectly combined with modern materials using square and diamond structures Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. Love is one of the important areas of Chinese traditional aesthetics. The situation is the main thing, the scenery is the guest, the scenes blend together, this is the space essence of Chinese tradition. The reason why the Suzhou Museum can make people feel the charm of traditional aesthetics is because they create a rich and diverse space temperament, and light and shadow is the direct factor that makes these scenes interact and resonate with people. It can be said that light and shadow have always been the fourth largest modeling element of space design, which can make the indoor and outdoor environment show vitality. "Let the light do the design" is the famous saying of Bayesian. In the Suzhou Museum, Mr. Bei Lao once again made the light and shadow become the protagonist of the space in the atrium, and the sun made the whole space full of peace and atmosphere. It may be borrowed from the traditional "song skylight" approach, the top of the atrium is a light well made of glass material. The sun is pouring through the glass unscrupulously, and the projection angle is constantly changing as time goes by. So at different moments, the staggered walls will show different visual effects, interesting and rich. Similarly, Mr. Bay does not use the light and shadow element when dealing with small spaces. The triangular sloping roofs are all made of metal louvers and glass. In order to reflect the characteristics of traditional gardens, all the metal louvers are wrapped in wooden veneer. Through these strips, the sunlight forms a continuous pattern of light and shadow on the wall, and the flowing light makes the originally monotonous corridors lively and interesting. The blend of this situation and the state of mind can not help but make people stunned. But this admiration was immediately replaced by surprises. After the curtain-like glass window, the layers of mountains were stacked, and the white walls were surrounded by many green trees. It is also

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