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In the afternoon

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    In the afternoon of autumn, the clouds of ink in the air swam in the air for a long time, and finally could not stand the loneliness, turned into thin rain, inadvertently wet the tip of the pedestrian Cheap Cigarette, walking on the machine farm in the wilderness, the eyes are still full of rich green. With the touch of this drizzle, it seems to feel the breath of the early spring. I didn't hurry to the village under the eaves to hide from the rain. I was still slow, and I couldn't help myself. I liked the smell of this smoky dream. This is a rare, original, pure and beautiful roadside peach. The fruit of the tree is not traced in the rotation of the season. However, in the warm southern climate, the leaves are still fresh and fresh, with no signs of decay. Unknown flowers follow the stems and wrap the tufts around the cluster. Circles and laps seem to be an endless whole, intimate and sensational, so you can't tell, where is the root of the flower, where is the shrub's branches, the farmer who has no labor in the field, the soil is neat The arranged seedlings, all dressed in green and green clothes, have only a few precocious individuals, and they are swayed in the rice waves in a cloak of geese. A group of sparrows stand quietly on the high-voltage line in the air, perhaps looking at the full rice ears from afar. They are also conceiving a beautiful dream. Zhongqiu��s day is sometimes like a child, crying for a long time, asking her mother to buy candy. I could suck two cigarettes, and I fell asleep with long, good-looking eyelashes. I brewed a morning rain. Before I had time to wet the thin clothes of the pedestrians, I went to the clouds and stopped myself for a long time. Urban life in different places, occasionally returning home, the memory of the country is always a discontinuous fragment, the country is like a growing up child, impressing me more than the appearance of a young, familiar and strange feeling, It is always the heart of the most intimate love. The bridge is still there, but the entrance is erected with a archway, like a business card, the name of the village is written, and the current situation of the village is introduced with simple text; the water under the bridge It is still roaming, but the green and green duckweed obscures the entire water surface, the messy water plants are arrogantly arrogant Wholesale Cigarettes Online, and there is a ridiculous scene; the laundry dock on the river bank is still there, but there is no one wave. Wooden club woman, the only lively sound is the chirping mention low bushes at the shore birds startled. The three-stage laundry steps of the ladder structure are covered with green moss. They are all exposed on the water. They drop a piece of tile and can't splash the water. Because of the siltation of the sand, the riverbed may be shallow. It is impossible to flood the adult's leg bends, and it is no longer possible to become a road in the paradise village where the summer children are cooling off and bathing. After the rain, it is just damp and dust, completely bid farewell to the muddy, urban streets than the young ones. It must be refreshing and clean. However, during walking, I feel that there are fewer points in the building than in the next quarter. There are few old houses hidden in it. I don��t notice that I can��t see the traces. In the 1980s and 1990s. The brick-and-mortar bungalows that lead the rural housing style, such as the blue bricks and the cornices of the cornices, have never thought that they will not fall after just over twenty years. Instead, the building is decorated with various colors of tiles and glazed tiles, and the eyes of the palatial eyes are fascinating, but I still miss the color of the long, heavy, monotonous bungalow. I didn��t go anywhere in the afternoon. In the old house. The old house was demolished at the beginning of the year. On the original foundation, the three-story building has been built with blanks Marlboro Lights Cigarettes. The old house in the house was built in the late 1970s. The structure of some of the trees has already made the termites bite. It is not obvious that the professionals have spilled the medicine. I know that my mother strongly hopes that the reconstruction will not be mainly for security reasons. She just wants to fulfill her father's wishes. My father passed away for a year and a half. After knowing his illness three years ago, his father wanted to build a building. After all, most of the people in the village built a building. As a father who had a certain prestige in the village, he was unwilling to be willing to be a man. But because of his physical reasons, we discouraged the father, let him feel sick and sick, I rarely go home, the house is built by the mother alone, and the house is built one by one according to the mother's plan. The old mother of the wall kept it in the original appearance, but only planted a flower and fruit along the root of the courtyard. Maybe after the father, the mother wanted to give more life to the courtyard, give herself more space for work, and resist the heart. Deep thoughts for my father. My name is not colorful, and the flowers are colorful and covered with walls; the various shapes of loofah and pumpkin are covered with simple wooden frames, and the wooden shelves sway in the wind to make a slight sound, which seems to be not burdened with heavy loads. Breathing; the green-skinned orange of the size of the glass, without peeling off, exudes a fragrant smell, tempting my eight-year-old daughter's water. Perhaps because of material richness, in my young memories, my family's oranges have never matured, and they all died early in the hands of urchins. Nowadays, the golden persimmons in the farmyards seem to be just beautiful decorations Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Mothers live in the cousin. At home, my cousin is working outside the home all year round. The husband and wife are also rare to return home once a year. One son and one daughter are studying in the field. They are also going to the sister-in-law��s house during the holiday. The house has always been empty autumn night. The country is still, along the cement road, in the village of 100 households, the loudest voice is that the earth dog rushes to strangers to make unfriendly screams, as well as listen carefully, you can hear mahjong The sound of the collision and the happy laughter of the winner, the children are also at home early in the house and TV. When I was young, the children��s village was playing. The adults�� scenes at the bottom of the garden tree were no longer useful. I couldn��t tell the difference. It��s progress or backwards. There��s no sound in the night. I fell asleep early Cigarette Wholesale, in my dreams. I saw the fox plunged into the old house from the dog hole and rushed to the big cock in the chicken hen. The father took out the flashlight and shot the fox's eyes. The little white dog rushed over and foxed together.

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