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    In the early morning, the world is immersed in the rain. I walk by the lake. The rain leaves the sound on the crepe of the umbrella. The pattern is painted on the blue water. A dead branch falls under the foot and can see the trace of the new break. A bird Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping, not afraid of life, stands on a branch without leaves, leans over and looks at it, can't see the look in her eyes, maybe there is regret, sadness, love, I think that the dead branches may have been It was the home of her ancestors, the season of leafy, where she was waiting to be fed, where she learned to fly; the dead branch might have been her resting place, how many days and nights, she and her loved ones, watching The lotus flower in the lake blossoms and falls, watching the fish swim in the bottom of the water, occasionally drawing a beautiful curve on the water surface Cigarette Wholesalers. Now the past has gone, the branches are old, she is lonely, only they are a bird, a memory, no thought After a rainy night, the branches broke. I picked up the branches and placed them on the side of the road. I worried that the pedestrians who did not pay attention would trample it on the road, so that they would see the tears in the eyes of the birds. I walked over the lake and my mind remained. The sound of the circling umbrella that has been there for a long time has changed. Hard, less some soft tension, began to snow seeds, finely broken like white sugar Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, but not so regular, the cut should be like broken rock sugar, I do not want to use salt and pepper to describe, I I liked the sweet taste, and put her in my mouth, turned it apart. It was a little sweet. I put up my umbrella and watched them fall on my green cotton coat. The polyester fabric was slippery. They were like naughty. The children are playing yo-yo, slipping down, falling to the ground, and new snow seeds are slipping. The difference is that the children are still the children. The snow seeds are changing all the time. They only have one chance and I gently shake. Shake the sleeves and let the stranded snow seeds slide into the soil to complete their life. Only once, the trees that have fallen leaves, the color changed, the cracked mottled skin, the bright light, the snow seeds Unexpectedly growing up Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, it became a snow flake. Although thin, it has some goose shape. The eyelids are a little cold, they have already glued my eyebrows, and made my body warm and become a few drops of crystal water for a long time without snow, in the warm south, the rain is not a rarity, Snow is very embarrassing, embarrassing like a girl's feelings, always delaying doubts for a long time, willing to throw it to the long-awaited lover I also like snow, the memory is not lacking the shadow of snow, snowman, Playing snowballs, chasing rabbits, you can remember the name of the playmates when you were young, and the dog color and habits of the tracking rabbit may be colder in the countryside than in the city Newport 100S Cigarettes, more suitable for the growth of snow. Living in the city for a long time, the memory of snow is also indifferent, and the image of memory has also changed into a set, becoming a floral umbrella, camera, beautiful, green tree, seeing the sky full of snowflakes, but also some hysteria, but not When I was a teenager, I was calm. I liked to open the curtains. I lazily watched the leaves outside the house, green, yellow and yellow. I drank a cup of rich tea and watched the hot air. However, a friend of many years said that we went to see the snow together. The heart is ready to move, just like facing a favorite woman, giving a good color, and I am expecting romantic flowers to bloom. In the end, I still can��t make it, because the snow stopped, and the trees that are stuck in the trees let those withered. When the tea is gone, the warmth of the earth melts. The only thing still there is the snow hidden in everyone's heart, either holy or cold, like the bird's feelings about the broken branch, or Is gratitude or sorrow

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