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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield looked li

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    ke a rookie on Saturday night against the Denver Broncos. Mayfield only completed 58.1 percent of his passes on the night - his lowest total since the October 14 game against the Los Angeles Chargers. He also only threw for 188 yards and 6.07 yards per attempt - both his lowest output since the October 28 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.But unlike those two games Jarvis Landry Jersey , Mayfield found a way to lead the Browns to a win, the team’s fourth win in its past five games. Even coming off a rough day, Mayfield is still far and away the league’s best rookie quarterback, easily outpacing Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, Sam Darnold of the New York Jets Genard Avery Color Rush Jersey , Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens and Josh Rosen of the Arizona Cardinals, according to Pro Football Focus:The analytics site summed up Mayfield’s night against the Broncos:Looking at the grades of the other rookie quarterbacks, it is easy to envision fans of those teams working hard to talk themselves into their teams’ respective quarterbacks being “the guy.” Browns fans are certainly familiar with that drill; thankfully those days appear to be over because of Mayfield.Mayfield is not the only first-round draft pick for the Browns, of course, and even though he has not played the past two games while dealing with a concussion https://www.brownsfanshop.com/Austin-Corbett-Jersey , Denzel Ward is still holding firm as the league’s best rookie at his position:The Browns have not yet announced if Ward will be cleared in time to play in Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Cleveland Browns have been so bad for so long that it is understandable that the rest of the NFL would circle any game against the Browns as an easy win.Now that the Browns have actually reached a point where they are no longer the league’s punching bag, people are getting a bit concerned. And the fact that they are doing it with Baker Mayfield, a rookie quarterback who works hard but refuses to play by the conventional rules, has clearly put some people off their feed. Mayfield has done everything asked of him and everything he promised on draft night. He has re-ignited a fan base that has been desperate for something to cheer for after the last 20 years of ineptitude. He helped keep the team focused in the wake of the Hue Jackson disaster. And he has brought a level of excitement and anticipation to the field that has been missing for far too long.Most importantly, Mayfield has done it the only way he knows how — his way. He puts in the work during the week Nick Chubb Jersey , and when that work pays off on Sundays he is not shy about celebrating. Which is why it is hard to understand when people have a problem with Mayfield. The good part — outside of the fact that Mayfield plays for the Browns - is that he is not going to change his approach for anyone. Mayfield hit the subject head on when asked about it on Wednesday, according to clevelandbrowns.com:Mayfield made it to the NFL because of his talent, but also because he worked his butt off and played the game the only way he knew how. That is paying off for the Browns, and to quote Mayfield himself, “that is what really matters.”The rest of the NFL is just going to have to learn to deal with it Chad Thomas Color Rush Jersey , because with Mayfield running the offense, the days of the Browns being an easy win on the schedule appear to finally be over.

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