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    This year our classroom is located in the TV University campus. Once at the school gate, wow, many people! I took my mother and ran to the campus, and then went to the third floor. When I entered the classroom, I saw the teacher and the classmates arrived. I rushed to find a place to sit down. I saw that the platform was full of parents, some were paying money, some were registering, some were consulting, and our classmates Some are talking about things in the summer vacation, some are writing things, and others are facing each other. In short, the whole class is quiet in the ocean of joy, and the campus that has been sleeping for two months is active again [url=www.designerindex.net/marlboro]Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url]. a few minutes, Zhang Wensi and Chen Yu discovered me. Zhang Wensi said with amazement: "Zhang Yi, you are coming, tell you, I went to Beijing during the summer vacation [url=www.fesshelby.com/marlboro]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], I will tell you." Speaking fluently, I listened with gusto and really felt immersive. At this time, the teacher picked up the microphone and said loudly: "Students, quiet and quiet." We listened, immediately stopped talking, and sat upright. The teacher then introduced himself and introduced a new classmate. We all welcomed the new classmate with warm applause.campus that had been sleeping for two months finally woke up and became more and more lively. After a while, the teacher sent us a new book. Open the book, and a scent of books scented. Inadvertently, I found that there are two lines in the lower left corner of the new book [url=www.designerindex.net/marlboro]Cigarettes Cheaper[/url], "Work hard, learn to return to the motherland, free textbooks in Jiangsu Province." I can't help but tremble. This is the book that the country provides for us free of charge. It is not easy! We must cherish it. We must study hard and never let down the motherland��s hope for us. At noon, the teacher arranged us to pack the books. After returning home, I completed the homework with my mother. Look at the book of your own package [url=www.webvipsmoking.com]Carton Of Marlboro Reds[/url], perhaps because of your own participation, although the package is not very good, but still feel beautiful. In the afternoon, the class was not so lively. I started to take the class. We immediately corrected and the teacher took the class seriously.opened to us, and extended our welcome arms to us [url=www.wholesalenewport.com]Marlboro Gold[/url], warmly welcoming our way. We accepted this rare and enthusiastic enthusiasm, stepped into the middle school door, entered the new school, the new class group, and integrated the new study life and new team.

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